28 Apr

How-to extract from mysqldump | mysql-dump-splitter recipes

The latest mysqldumpsplitter (v 5.0) is out. I’d like to make it easier for everyone to get started with it.  So in this post you’ll get a quick & handy command-line “recipe” for extracting table, database  or more from mysqldump.

The Mysqldumpsplitter can extract database, table, all databases, all tables or tables matching on regular expression. It can also extract multiple tables from one database or describe the contents from a mysqldump.

The tool can extract a MySQL database from a compressed or uncompressed mysqldump. It by default produces the compressed output of sqls in default out directory but you can specify target directory or uncompressed output as well.

Check out more  on recipe commands to use the mysqldumpsplitter.

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