A talk to kedar.nitty-witty

Greetings visitor!!

U = You
K = kedar.nitty-witty.com

U: Hey, wassup!

K: As you can read this, server is UP? 🙂

Jokes apart; I’m “live”, thank you.

U: I see, you’ve changed, you were different!! What happened?

K: 🙂 yes, my author changed me. Hence the title “CHANGE is INEVITABLE”.

Well, I was a static site earlier; but seems like my author get bored managing with php & html & whatever it takes to create a single page. I think author is a wise guy, he will do good to me, always, I trust em’. 🙂

aamm’ once he told me, he’ll still make that old site available with some settings.

Let’s see… I was beautiful earlier and I’m beautiful now 🙂 It’s kinda make-over going on with me 🙂

U: Hey what do I do here?

K: Obviously read my author’s posts; apart from that author’ll like if you post your views to me.

You will find many technical and non-technical articles to roam around.

Majorly you may find mysql and linux related articles, Quotes & oneliners, Movie reviews, Tools’ reviews, occasionally his own writtings and anything that he finds interesting…

Well I’ve no problem showin even your article, I’ll convince my author to add it to me ;).

U: What kind of stuff I may see here?

K: Well everything depends on my author. But as far as I know him, his interests are interesting that may interst you too. He shall regularly post here various articles from technical to non-technical, sensible to non-sensible and any thing that he think is cool.

U: Can I post / suggest and article here?

K: Why’d I dislike being contented? 🙂

Well, commenting is your fundamental right here 🙂

If you’re interested in posting / suggesting an article here, please mail my author immediately.

If article is about anything but good; soon it’ll be here with all credits to you.

U: What if, I dislike something here?

K: First of all try to understand what author says, collect facts and if you still don’t agree with the article; blast em’ off with truths, with supporting proofs. I don’t like to contain misleading information; I trust my author but I love visitors too 🙂

I know, my kind author will definitely explain you and/or accept a fault and correct it.

U: Man, I just hate this place.

K: Excuse me !! There is already a lot of Hate spreaded all over the world, why to add more?!!

Okay good, it’s always a personal choice. But my author’d like to know what you particularly hate about, may be my author can correct you/me.

You can without hesitation shoot a mail, post a comment stating your reason. Even you can suggest, teach or explain “some” to my author, may be he need to learn “some”!!

U: I just hate it don’t ask me to think again!!

K: Okay, Okay I understood…What you can do is spread this site to people by posting links with a quote

“I hate kedar.nitty-witty.com” with a link. Thus many people will come to know about this site and a fact that you hate me. 🙁

U: Man, I love this site.

K: hmm… I’m adorable, thanks to my author.

Whatever you like; spread it, like my author do. Post links, use technology tools like tweeter and facebook and anything else 😉 My author will like it.

If you want to add in to me, talk to my author, he is generous. Mail him whatever you like to see here on me. I’ll convey your comments to my author so that he can better understand your interests.

P.S.: I love you too.

U: hmm!!?

K: What else? I don’t think this is the most interesting stuff you read about. Go ahead and check everything out. And do come back.

Have a nice time.

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