MySQL function returns dates of specified day & between date range

This mysql stored function will return you all the dates between given dates having specified day. In short if you say: give me all Sundays in this month. I have following for you: mysql> select Give_Me_Dates_Days(1,’2012-09-01′,’2012-10-01′) as All_Sundays; +——————————————————–+ | All_Sundays | +——————————————————–+ | 2012-09-02,2012-09-09,2012-09-16,2012-09-23,2012-09-30 | +——————————————————–+ The function parameters are as follows: Give_Me_Dates_Days(DAY_IDENTIFIER,START_DATE,END_DATE) Sunday […]

MyDumpSplitter-Extract split database or tables from mysqldump | MySQL dump splitter

The Mysqldumpsplitter can extract database, table, all databases, all tables or tables matching on regular expression from a mysqldump. It can produce the compressed output of sqls in specified directories. The tool has undergone a complete rewrite, and there are many more functionalities added. Please follow GitHub Repository for future changes or further improvements. Download […]