21 Jan

Kedar’s Blog Performance Statistics-Year 2010

This post is dedicated to blog performance and statistics by analytical numbers.
So, how did the blog perform in 2010? Below is the simple statistics to explain the blog performance throughout the year.

Where did the readers came from?

Country or Territory Visits
United States 10,950
India 10,166
United Kingdom 2,628
Canada 1,395
Germany 1,286
France 1,021
Australia 958
Netherlands 797
Italy 694
Japan 668

What posts you liked the most?

Popular Blog Page Visits
load-delimited-data-csv-excel-into-mysql-server/ 5,724
mydumpsplitter-extract-tables-from-mysql-dump-shell-script/ 2,727
load-delimited-data-csv-excel-into-mysql-server 2,380
mysql-stored-procedure-split-delimited-string-into-rows/ 2,250
mysql-stored-procedure-to-generate-extract-insert-statement/ 1,873
mysql-search-through-all-database-tables-columns-stored-procedure.php 1,720
blog 1,573
search-through-all-databases-tables-columns-in-mysql/ 1,395
simple-shell-script-to-monitoring-disk-space-on-a-linux-machine/ 1,302
working-with-editplus-text-editor-regular-expression-how-to/ 1,063

What people search and land here?

Popular Keyword Visits
csv to mysql 814
no more spool space in teradata 185
mysql load data 152
mysql split string 135
mysql stored procedure 133
teradata no more spool space 132
insulting one liners 125
mysql split string into rows 124
no more spool space 115
mysql split 102

Which search engine points to the blog?

Referring Search Engine Visits
google 28,473
yahoo 437
bing 253
search 148
ask 43
aol 14
yandex 9
images.google 7
altavista 4
eniro 3

Which are the top referring websites?

Referring Website Visits
stackoverflow.com 2,987
dev.mysql.com 774
planet.mysql.com 643
google.co.in 588
google.com 543
experts-exchange.com 309
forge.mysql.com 198
facebook.com 177
blog.tsheets.com 123
google.co.uk 86

Above data for ‘Blog Statistics’ is extracted from Google Analytics.
I promise the 2011 will be more contentful in terms of topics, resources and information rich blog posts.

Thanks a ton, readers!

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