06 Dec

Life At Rest – A few lines for her

:Life at rest:

Oh my Dear,

insomniac for ur sleep,
u’r awesome when its deep,
pale skin, nighty hair,
mighty life and u’r so near…

warm breath, and ur charm,
makes me wait, till u wake,
while u sleep, lemme gaze,
beauty like u and i await….

Kedar's Angel

Kedar's Angel

sun wont rise, birdz wont sing,
oh dear, u oughta rest,
my life, im with u, wont leave,
i know u will rise and i wont laze..

its your time, waiting next door,
i have the keyz, letz go n open,
life.. i am waiting..
life u r resting, waiting..

i see u radiance, felicitous
you glow , weaknesses fading,
feeling u, i was waiting for u..
arise, arise and krex iz with u..

- Krex [with you forever]

PS: This 100th post is dedicated to my angel, my first poem for her!

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