London dreams – 2009 – xtreme Movie review

Simply tragedic, pityful, disgusting and many words… Movie is far from reality and close to cruelty.

The best thing about London Dreams is that it had an end, though nonsense, it ended.

Since beginning to end movie makes your mind ask questions… why? how?… But your curiosity dies exactly when movie starts rolling in around 10-15 mins. You feel no more curious, except to know the movie-length you have to bear.

When you consider music of the film, in first 10 mins you will hear two very familiar tunes, “zara zara” of RHTDM and “o sathi re din dube na” from Omkara(musical understanding requierd get when they appear). In rest of the movie, music meant noise, lyrics were poor and dance was a tragedy. I doubt lyrics were from Prasoon Joshi!

I have a lot to write, actually abuse, but I hope those who have seen it must be feeling that.

Story resembled written by a new-bie, and direction, and dance…!! Damn damn London Dreams…

I am so frustrated and feeling guilty of wasting my bucks and time to watch that non-sense.

Cheap story of London Dreams for free, don’t watch unless they pay you:

Since childhood Ajay wanted to be something in music, chasing his dream.

He dreams crowd tossing him up, that kinda happen in a gr8 music show.

Mean while his father and uncle opposes his passion for a stupid reason.

He prays to God for removing obstacles in his path and they showed that God removed his father!!

Later for unknown reason Om Puri went London with Ajay.

Ajay earned bucks from Salman’s(his childhood friend) gifted flute, later in movie it never pictured.

He did a road show to get popular and met Ranvir and his brother (two more tp characters of movie) and Asin( belongs to a conservative South Indian family. BTW no family had a role in this movie).

Ajay created their band, the London Dreams and went for some selection, where Asin appeared (kept on following him in whole movie) and Ajay invited her to dance :).

They got selected, got money and fame (and unknowingly exposed stupidity).

In between some timepass poor jokes filmed on Salman.
Later Salman called Ajay for his marriage in 5 days. Ajay got his marriage invite card, bought a new car and appeared in his village in 5 days from london (I don’t know if it’s possible).
Ajay decided to hide his feelings from Asin until he becomes a success with a psycho act – punishing him self by belt.

Ajay took him to London for music (Earlier they filmed that Salman just hates music, and later Salman rocked the stage :)).
They became friends and they went to some “night clubs” and “other** clubs” with Asin!!

On the very first meeting Salman proposed Asin, Asin kept on kinda flirting with them and later on strong propose she accepted to be with Salman, which was deep hurt for Ajay.

He decided to sideline Salman by making him drug addict with the help of Ranvijay and one other girl.
London Dream’s sponsor decided to abandon their tour cause of Salman’s drugg issues and other timepass. But Ajay convinced him by begging him on his knees!(!!!?? what the @#$@#4!!)

Before that Ajay and Ranvijay planned to give him drugs to keep him away from stage by sending that girl to him.

But Salman interrogated her, “who sent you, how you reached here…”, she started running and Salman (so poor) cannot catch her until they reached a lone road. Asin followed them and understood something else 🙂 , and the drug-girl ran away. Ranvijay came there and gave drugs to Salman. Ranvijay’s brother had street-fight with him for that cheap act :).
At Wembly people kept on shouting “we want mannu… mannu”, making Ajay go mad and frustru on Salman’s fame.
Later Ajay screamed at crowed about Salman, he wont come and all that crap, booed by people. Salman appeared and an emotional drama (atyachar) started on that stage only.

After this Salman left for his hometown, and Om Puri explained Ajay for his mistakes.

They went back to hometown to sorry Salman, but with their surprise(and my WTF), Asin was there 🙂

And one more short emotional drama and they decided to further live the London Dreams.


My questions:
– ?
– If they were rich enough, why ajay’s father has a road side dhhaba?
– Thinking what om puri and ajay went to london?
– Om puri never wanted ajay to go in to music field, why he took him to london?
– Om puri never tried to find ajay in london?
– In london ajay grown almost 15 years older, and om puri, no age growth?
– Thinking what Ajay brought keyboard and guitar on london street performance; was he aware of other two loosly writen characters of the film?
– how do they got a drummer in their team?
– Which rock group/band have a girl only for dance? Damn!!
– Asin, from a conservative south indian family, really? Damn?
– Other than roaming around with Ajay & group, what she does in london?
– How after so many years Ajay identified Salman!!
– All night shows? Observe the filming there – when it’s in paris, every thing is dark except they showed Effil tower in the background 🙂 same is the case when they showed Millennium Wheel/The london eye in background!!
– Wembly has a capacity of 90000, they performed in front of 25000. ~30% of capacity, but stadium filmed as a jam-packed!!?
– !!
– ??
– Asin’s father was a Limo Driver?!
– what happened to that girl who used to give drugs to Salman?
– @#$@#
– How did asin reached to village even before Ajay? With whom?
– So professional Ajay, dare to bring up personal fights on Wembly? Live? Audiance had empty water bottles :)!!!
– Crowd re-accepted them? No role of their mentor / sponsor this time?

I quit, I don’t want to as more questions..

IMDB gave 7+ Stars, many others gave 2.5/3! I’ll say it’s -10 out of 10.

I write to make people aware about good or bad things, here I’m writing for you to BEWARE.

It’s just an un-digestive movie.
I hated London Dreams.
Do not watch London Dreams.