07 Aug

My list of must have free softwares-2010

As soon as I got a pc I start looking at Configuration, Connectivity [;)] and Installations. As for humans Food, Air, Water are basic necessities; for my computer I always make sure I do have perticular softwares installed. In this post I will list my 7 most used free softwares for general usage.


Of-course my English vocabulary is not that strong and I constantly need to find meanings and all. Hence I always make sure I have WordWeb. It is a one-click English thesaurus and dictionary for Windows that can look up words in almost any program.
It can also look up words in web references such as the Wikipedia encyclopedia.
To find meanings and search word: Select a word and press Ctrl+Alt+W OR simply Ctrl+Right click the word


This editor comes with a lot of features especially my favorites RegExp capabilities. It is a text editor, HTML editor, PHP editor, Java editor and Hex Viewer for Windows.
EditPlus also offers: Syntax highlighting for HTML, PHP, Java, C/C++, CSS, ASP, Perl and Seamless Web browser for previewing HTML pages and Uploading local files to FTP server and and more.


I barely use Internet Explorer. I believe Internet is not meant to be used by Internet-Explorer and vice versa. :)
My choice of browsers were Firefox and then I used Google Chrome a lot. But recently I’ve been using Epic Browser and I’m quite satisfied with the browsing experiance.


VLC Player:

For whom Music is ( / part of) life, a good player is very important. Winamp no doubt the best choice for playing mp3s. But you should have VLC Player as “It plays everything!”.

And what is more it can even play back the file or media if it is damaged! Missing or broken pieces are no stop to VLC, it plays all the video and audio information that’s still intact. You can also broadcast through it.


Computer games is something I cannot resist. My friends better know how much important it is to have a Virtual Drive in computer.
I choose DAEMON Tools, an advanced application for multiprotection emulation. It emulates max. 4 DVD-ROM drives and works with CD/DVD images created by many burning programs.
It supports:
cue/bin,iso,ccd (CloneCD),bwt (Blindwrite),mds (Media Descriptor File),cdi (Discjuggler),nrg (Nero),pdi (Instant CD/DVD),b5t(BlindWrite 5),b6t,isz.

Thanks Daemon you supported me for my NFS, FIFA, SOF, EOA, MUMMY, MAXPAINE… virtual disks :)


PDF Converter is a software which I use many of the times. DOPdf is the free PDF converter for both commercial and personal use which I use. It’s installed as a Virtual Printer which generates PDF when given a print. To create a PDF we just have to open document / image > choose Print > Select doPDF as printer and Specify file location for PDF.

Are you away from your home? I have something very important there and you need it? You need to guide some one or give a demo of something? Ay work related to Remote Access and Support over the Internet I choose TeamViewer.

TeamViewer connects to any PC or server around the world within a few seconds. You can remote control your partner’s PC as if you were sitting right in front of it.I mainly used it for downloads and guiding my parents using computer.

04 Aug

My worst mathematical program in perl

I have a Mathe-crap-matical friend. Who keeps digging into graves of dead formulas and equations and all possible Math related stuffs.
Since I started understanding Mathematics (that it’s not my cup of tea), I tried to stay away from it.

Now, that enthu creature mailed me his requirement. He says he “eat mathematics”, I prefer to stay away from such guys. But as a good friend I read his mails.

His requirement was to create a program. His requirements are:

N is a natural number falling in range [1 – 999999]
X is a number given by user with range [6000 – 20000]

You have to write a program such that you find a number N whose square root or cube root is such that the first digit of X comes in the Xth decimal place and second digit of X comes in the (X+1)th decimal place and so on…

e.g. user enters 12…
then the number N would be such that CubeRoot(N) or SqRoot(N) = dddd.ddddddddddd12

You may write program in any language.

Check screen shot to understand what it does [note the name]:

maths program

maths program

Alright, I understood the dooms day is closing in… Did you notice the decimal places correction he was asking? 6000!! Damn…

Any ways, I chose perl and accomplished the task. I’m not sure how and why he need this thing but still I hope it rested his soul. :)

This post is for people like me who have such math-e-manic friends.
You may download my script my_mathematics_pgm.pl.

print "Enter X:";
my $X = <STDIN>;
my $N=1;
while ($N < 100) {

	$PosAfterDesimal=index ($SQRT_VAL,'.');
	$PosOfXInSQRT =index ($SQRT_VAL, $X,$PosAfterDesimal);
	$PosOfXInSQRT = $PosOfXInSQRT -1;
	$PosAfterDesimal=index ($CUBERT_VAL,'.');
	$PosOfXInCUBERT =index ($CUBERT_VAL, $X, $PosAfterDesimal);

#	print $N . "->" . $SQRT_VAL . "->" . $X . "->> " .trim($PosOfXInSQRT). "\n";
	if (trim($PosOfXInSQRT) == $X) {
		print $X. " matched SQRT of " . $N . " at " . $X . "th Position \n" ;
		print "\t Where, N=" . $N . ", SQRT VAL=" . $SQRT_VAL . ", X=" . $X . "\n";
	} elsif (trim($PosOfXInCUBERT) == $X) {
		print $X. " matched Cube Root of " . $N . " at " . $X . "th Position \n";
		print "\t Where, N=" . $N . ", CUBEROOT VAL=" . $CUBERT_VAL . ", X=" . $X . "\n";
sub trim($)
        my $string = shift;

        if ( $string eq undef || $string eq "" )
                return "";
        $string =~ s/^\s+//;
        $string =~ s/\s+$//;

        return $string;
}#trim Ends
17 Jul

EPIC-First Indian Web browser-Free with Antivirus

Recently India got it’s own Currency Symbol for Indian Rupee! But do we know, we also got our own “Made in India” browser on 15th July 2010?!!
EPIC – Yes it’s the name of the new browser, the first Indian web browser, launched by Hidden Reflex, Banglore.  Epic is creation of Indian Engineers using the Mozilla Open Source Platform. EPIC is now launched for Windows Platform and it’s completely free for download.
EPIC-The First Indian Web-Browser with Inbuilt Virus Scan facility


It’s been released under tag lines “the first-ever web browser for India“, “the world’s only antivirus browser“.
Second tag lines seems quite impressive and unique ! Yep, after installing browser, it asks for additional download for antivirus definitions and thats it. It will scan your downloads as well!
Quite impressive for all those security-seeking freaks, rest of us knows how to format :).
Well, jokes apart, it’s again a good and different feature, first in it’s category. EPIC’s Virus scan is powered by ESET. [ Provides NOD32 Antivirus if you have ever tried!]
It’s a “modern” web brower developed specifically considering Indian users. So it has to be quite colorful & quipped.


It comes with a lot of pre installed widgets mainly Social Networking sites Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, Chat clients and email facilities.
EPIC web browser includes lot of applications 15 Indian languages transliterators, web snippet tool, timer, to-do list, text editor, games, google maps and many other Installable apps. They says it counts ~1500 free apps for the EPIC Web Browser.
For those who keep themeing their “things” now have a new browser with a lot of themes and wallpapers.
I personally find it good at first glance, quite colorful and content full. For kids and new-bies its surely something to try. I don’t require antivirus in browser but I wish including that won’t cost me performace / speed of the browser.
I tend to stay “clean” as far as my system is concerned but for those who like to ease their eyes, EPIC is worth a try.
By the way CEO of Hidden Reflexes, Alok Bhardwaj, claims Epic will be useful to all types of users, including hard-core multitaskers and newbies.

Any ways, Congratulations & Best of luck EPIC.

13 Jul

Extreme Movie Review: I hate Luv Stories-2010

I hate Luv Stories. No! it’s not a spell mistake, they have intentionally made it “LUV” as they love LOVE stories.
Since I heard the name, I started hating the movie and thinking about how ‘d one say:
I hate I hate love stories OR
I love I hate love stories… :)

I felt ‘I hate Luv Stories’ is filled with nuisance, I hate it. It bored me.
After a big though-process I got two things to learn from this movie. Read on the review.

I don’t understand why in every bollywood movie girls are so mindless and why the “first Boy-Friend” is so freaking nonsense.
Sonam Kapoor’s B.F. named Raj (chewed-off name) is a investment banker. I think he’s not successful in investment as he spends on white rose everyday; which is not a fruitful investment :) !
Okay, so they know each other since childhood or atleast quite long to understand each other and get married.
There are two annoyances that Sonam doesn’t like about him:
1. He gave her WHITE flower everyday. [Sonam like Red Colour]
2. He don’t drink on weekdays. [Sonam’d like to drink on weekdays]


These are the only reasons based on which this movie attempted to show “love”. what a crap!!

Now, Sonam is some professional stage/set-designer while Imran Khan was some kinda assistant. She got attracted and started liking him over her B.F.! Quite predictable nonsense from a girl.
Imran do not believe in love and just like to flirt and enjoy company and blah blah.
Due to work, they started talking closely with each other and Imran started giving her lousy tips about life and living! She liked it! I don’t understand why she didn’t like when Raj give her rose everyday, why “color” matters so much over “intentions” for her!? And girls looks good away from drinks, but Sonam like to drink daily! What a character!

There is some very poor or bad comedy attempts in the movie.
Whenever Imran sees Raj ( Sonam’s BF ), he used to praise “Nice Shirt” and Raj dumbly likes that. I tease my friend who showed me this movie.
Twice or thrice, when Imran and Sonam talks about some problem or question, the Car radio plays the word “sex” as an answer. Not atall funny. I rather laugh at poor attempt from script writer!

Also there are stolen scenes. “Dil Chahta Hai” when Imran hugs a waiter and even from “Rahena hai tere dil me”.
I don’t know if directer wanted to make a parody of those great movies, but if so he failed. Those scenes have increased my hatred towards ‘I Hate Luv Stories’.

So, I learnt 2 things from the movie ‘I Hate Luv Stories’

1. Movie conveyed, girls are really insane and untrustworthy. Just because Raj has two bad habits, which can be corrected by discussing, Sonam betrays him and goes with Imran!
A Red Color and Drink! Shame on girls! If you’re a girl you must not like this love story because the “base” is cheap.
If you’re a guy, understand the characteristics of girls described here.

2. Importantly I learnt: I shouldn’t have gone for ‘I Hate Luv Stories’.

There is one more catch, a friend of Imran on movie sets. He shows-up in the Ad of Sprite-“Sidhhi baat no bakwas”.
In the sprite-ads He keep doing nonsense and stand corrected.

Let me correct him now: “I hate luv story” is a poor, boring, annoying, nonsense movie. “Clear hai?” “Sidhhi baat no bakwas”

I hate ‘I hate Luv Stories’.

05 Jul

A User review-Apple IPhone-4: I

Techie nerds, geeks or even company reviews are quite interesting and have their importance but a “User Review” is something which you won’t like to ignore; you should not. IPhone-4 was a buzz word since it’s release and I decided to provide a user review for IPhone-4.

So here you go:
iPhone4, Worlds Thinnest Smart Phone. One of the finest product. Best Smart Phone ever shipped. and a lot promising stuff about it, said by Apple.

As an “End User” I agree that its really cool product with loads of features. Monetory wise, I have paid nice 200$ on it and would be paying extra 600$ over the period of 2years for data plan, in order to make this Smart Phone work as “Smart Phone”.

Like with all the smart phones available today, if you want smart phone you need to be dumb and pay extra bucks to your carrier to access Internet. If you don’t want data plan, they won’t sell you with contract!! Quite annoying, as there are bunch of apps available which doesn’t need Internet. Can’t I just use them on my “Smart Phone”?

Enough, I have started review with good amount of criticism. But I have bought iPhone 4 and I am only criticizing it, its just not good. I bought it means I does like it. My criticism is for my expectations from IPhone-4.

Now, Let me list down some great features:
Multi touch: WOW!!!! For the first time users, yeah it was a major break through with first generation iPhone. Now, many of smart phones have them. But yeah still its most important thing.

iPod: Great!!!! Awesome sound quality.. I don’t doubt Apple but I still have a question; Isn’t that sound quality due to its Super Cool head phones? And ultimate Apple allowed users to create a play list right from iPod s/w. I dont know, weather I should be happy for this or surprised they allowed it this late.

Apps: Hundreds of thousands of Apps available, ranging from Games, Productivity, Social Networking, Business and so on. And good news is there are lot of free apps. If you dont consider going through iTunes or to-be specific Apple App Store, Its wonderful!! They will really make your phone smart.

Retina display: Again, WOW!!!! Its really nice. You can really see the difference if you compare 3GS and 4. I have done this. My friends have iPhone3 so I got to compare them.

Front Facing Camera: Kinda cool. It would be much cooler once we have apps accessing front facing camera and we can use chat tools to make video calls/chat.

I hope I would get some app soon (hopefully Skype, I would be free from sitting in front of my laptop and sit at one place.)

Let me clarify, I am not an Apple fanboy. I own one, so actually I should be writing much of it, but unfortunately as I get to use it

more I have started finding much of “TOBE MADE” improvements in it. I want more in my IPhone-4. I wish Mr.Jobs read this blog and add some features in next release.

I have bunch of things to say about which will ofcourse make IPhone-4 more than a perfact 10. I would have one separate post for it quite soon. Also, a comparison with my sweet SonyEricssion W550i music phone. My love for it has

increased after I started using iPhone. I guess Sony Erricson missed the bus, other wise they had real good features in walkman series phone.

Some of the iPhone still don’t have.. Surprised?? I will list them. Stay tuned…

To end the present user-review I will rate my IPhone-4, 7.5 / 10. A good product but lil’ improvement required.

– Utkarsh Shah

-- Kedar Vaijanapurkar --