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22 Sep

Extreme Movie Review n Poll – Salman's Dabangg 2010

Friends, I saw movie dabangg and this is what I think about it.

Dabangg…It’s a bad movie… I don’t understand how come it became so “popular”…It’s typical South Indian styled mindless, over-‘hero centric’, senseless and pitiful storied movie… I’ll prefer to watch a South Indian movie than this. I didn’t even like action!! Damn…

And it just cannot come into comparison with 3Idiot… If 3Idiots=10 then…Dabangg=1.

My suggestion do not waste your resources watching Dabangg.Β  For many of you this might be a late review but I thought it’s not worth to waste my time writing about this. Its an insult to review such a bundle of crap movie. Its just publicity that gave it so much earnings.

But now, I want to know how do you like it as a movie!! As I have found differences of opinion for this with my friends. They says they really felt it from their heart and they liked it. I couldn’t digest and wanted to know what you guys think.

Please use below poll and let me know how do you like the movie Dabangg !!

[polldaddy poll=3803282]


13 Jul

Extreme Movie Review: I hate Luv Stories-2010

I hate Luv Stories. No! it’s not a spell mistake, they have intentionally made it “LUV” as they love LOVE stories.
Since I heard the name, I started hating the movie and thinking about how ‘d one say:
I hate I hate love stories OR
I love I hate love stories… πŸ™‚

I felt ‘I hate Luv Stories’ is filled with nuisance, I hate it. It bored me.
After a big though-process I got two things to learn from this movie. Read on the review.

I don’t understand why in every bollywood movie girls are so mindless and why the “first Boy-Friend” is so freaking nonsense.
Sonam Kapoor’s B.F. named Raj (chewed-off name) is a investment banker. I think he’s not successful in investment as he spends on white rose everyday; which is not a fruitful investment πŸ™‚ !
Okay, so they know each other since childhood or atleast quite long to understand each other and get married.
There are two annoyances that Sonam doesn’t like about him:
1. He gave her WHITE flower everyday. [Sonam like Red Colour]
2. He don’t drink on weekdays. [Sonam’d like to drink on weekdays]


These are the only reasons based on which this movie attempted to show “love”. what a crap!!

Now, Sonam is some professional stage/set-designer while Imran Khan was some kinda assistant. She got attracted and started liking him over her B.F.! Quite predictable nonsense from a girl.
Imran do not believe in love and just like to flirt and enjoy company and blah blah.
Due to work, they started talking closely with each other and Imran started giving her lousy tips about life and living! She liked it! I don’t understand why she didn’t like when Raj give her rose everyday, why “color” matters so much over “intentions” for her!? And girls looks good away from drinks, but Sonam like to drink daily! What a character!

There is some very poor or bad comedy attempts in the movie.
Whenever Imran sees Raj ( Sonam’s BF ), he used to praise “Nice Shirt” and Raj dumbly likes that. I tease my friend who showed me this movie.
Twice or thrice, when Imran and Sonam talks about some problem or question, the Car radio plays the word “sex” as an answer. Not atall funny. I rather laugh at poor attempt from script writer!

Also there are stolen scenes. “Dil Chahta Hai” when Imran hugs a waiter and even from “Rahena hai tere dil me”.
I don’t know if directer wanted to make a parody of those great movies, but if so he failed. Those scenes have increased my hatred towards ‘I Hate Luv Stories’.

So, I learnt 2 things from the movie ‘I Hate Luv Stories’

1. Movie conveyed, girls are really insane and untrustworthy. Just because Raj has two bad habits, which can be corrected by discussing, Sonam betrays him and goes with Imran!
A Red Color and Drink! Shame on girls! If you’re a girl you must not like this love story because the “base” is cheap.
If you’re a guy, understand the characteristics of girls described here.

2. Importantly I learnt: I shouldn’t have gone for ‘I Hate Luv Stories’.

There is one more catch, a friend of Imran on movie sets. He shows-up in the Ad of Sprite-“Sidhhi baat no bakwas”.
In the sprite-ads He keep doing nonsense and stand corrected.

Let me correct him now: “I hate luv story” is a poor, boring, annoying, nonsense movie. “Clear hai?” “Sidhhi baat no bakwas”

I hate ‘I hate Luv Stories’.

26 Jun

Extreme Movie Review-Raavan 2010-Bonus Poster

I always admire Maniratnam … Never doubt his movies…
A R Raheman is a Gem – whole world admits… I simply love his music.
No one can doubt Gulzar’s capabilities and his poetry, I’m a fan…
But seems like this time the “Grahas” of these 3 great Indian personalities was not good this time…
About Raavan (2010) movie stars and casts,
Aishwariya… No question about her at all…
Abhishek… ammm… ok lets review the Raavan movie now.

Very first thing I will admit that I have not seen the movie. I don’t dare to. I heard a lot of critics giving poor rankings to this movie. I’m not a movie freak to waste my money on a movie with such a poor ratings.
In addition to this I do consider a few friends’ reviews as well. Mr. Pratik Kothari (RIL) turned a major demotivator for me to watch this movie.

I decided not to review this movie by personally experiancing horrifying RAAVAN but just by other’s reviews.
I believe it’s also good to learn from other’s mistakes, You don’t need to commit it.

A picture is worth a thousand words. So I acquired original poster of Raavan movie… And of it’s worth [ 3 hours + 100 to 200 bucks + (-mental harassment -disappointments -guilts) ]


I hope I made a right decision by not watching movie Raavan. If not please let me know why.

06 Jun

Extreme Movie Review – Prince of Persia (2010)

As soon as Prince of Persia name appears I recall my colleage days of P.O.P. 3D the game of Late 2000 Era. I used to play em’ a lot. Later came the Sands of Time and the Warrior Within, two more games in the series of Prince Of Persia. I used to love them playing.

Well, after this background I expected a lot of action and stunt from the movie. No wonder it is kinda’ action movie but I had my high expectations.

The movie is based on Persian attack on sacred city of Alamut. Dastan, the adopted son of king of Persia lead the persin army to win Alamut. The attack was under assumption that city’s people were selling weapons to enemies, as shown by Nizam (King’s brother). But actual intention of Nizam was to acquire the Dagger of Time, a mythical weapon which was with Tamina, Princess of Alamut. By acquiring it Nizam had plan to time travel and kill the King so that he can rule the Persia. Well, Gemma Arterton as a princess, Jake Gyllenhaal as Dastan were good. The initial action sequence was good too.

Further Nizam killed King using a poisoned gown and fooled Prince Dastan, who appeared to be the killer to the rest. The story later revolves around how Dastan proves him not guilty and how the secred Dagger of Time saved from “wrong” people.


There were plenty of moments when I expected a great action sequence but it disappointed me.
To kill Dastan, Nizam hires the Hassansins, highly skilled killer, who were actually banned by the King but Nizam supported them privately. There skills shown increased my expections towards a great fight but again it went in small simple actions.

In between Prince Dastan travels from a velly of slaves, mixex group of merchant-bandits. The dialogues were quite odd and funny, for eg. “ostriches are suicidal”. πŸ™‚
Well I’d prefer not to write whole story here but conclusion is the Prince of Persia was average. For those who are fan of action movies may just not like this.

This is not a must watch movie, but it will not bore you.

10 May

Extreme Movie Review: Housefull 2010

Housefull!! The best movie, the best comedy, the best dialogues, the best jokes…

So in this first line of Housefull review “I’m a joking

Actually it’s totally reverse. If you’ve got little sense of humor, you will not like this at all – just donot go for this movie.

Story is about Akshay “the Panauti” and his life. Throughout the movie, whatever he does turn into disaster and with that Mr. Sajid assumed film would be hilarious.

There are countable scenes where I laughed due to movie.
Like: When Akshay gets back Dipika’s mobile from monkey,
The way Akshay ends Lara’s pet and brings a tiger as a pet.

The theme of the film – Akshay as “Panauti” seems really a panauti for the movie Housefull πŸ™‚

At places I hated dipika for exclusive over acting. All the drama is extremely pathetic. This comedy film is more of a tragedy. Dressing in the film is just not good. Seems like director has tried to cover up the film with “expose” formula.
The movie is full of mindless creatures and very much predictable “what’s next” scenes atleast for me. E.g. In the case of Jiah and Akshay’s wedding and “how she could be”.
The N2O [laughing gas] scene at the end; I felt it as a “forced” laughter. I don’t understand why??!! [Why I saw this film]
“Because every body is laughing in movie, audience will laugh” – very much wrong thinking… Despite of it was a bit serious scene, Sajid tried to force comedy in it.
Also, I expected atleast one joke when Santa-Banta showed up, but “panauti” was there too. :)))


Normally I describe film section wise and review but here I just don’t feel like writing in detail.

I hate the songs of the film; lyrically nonsense. Eg. “papa sleepin'”… What a crap… I feel like abusing but I controlled. There are pitiful jokes on “Gay” and “dostana” as usual but worthless.
“I’m a joking” is Chanki’s punch line, but none of his jokes are worth your smile.

I feel ashamed of saying that I’ve seen this movie; hence I wrote this review to cover up and convey my choice.

It’d be a waste of money to watch such a bore comedy. I’ve heard people getting headaches after this movie.

Sajid has a bad HouseFull with poor comedy, and tried to sell hard. I’ll say DON’T BUY IT. This is NOT even worth for free.

It’s bad bad movie and I AM NOT JOKING.

-- Kedar Vaijanapurkar --