What music mean to you?

What Music mean to you?

What music mean to you? Well, surealy this is one of those questions for which you know the answer but you just can’t describe satisfactorily. So, here is my try. I’m a music lover n’ my friends know that. I’m not a great muzician or a singer but I have quite a good taste. I admire those who live the music and in my dreams I see myself becoming one. I’m not sure since when I’m listening to music and became an addict; but with Music, the older I grew younger I got, the stronger I got! I believe there...

codeorgan-give sound to your webpage-website

Today I found an interesting site which plays your website!! Yep… it’s The codeorgan analyzes the body content of any website / webpage and translate that in to music. It uses complex algorithm helps it in defining key, synth style and drum patterns as per page content. [ad#ad-2-300×250] Steps it follow to play your website / webpage: – It scans page contents, removes all characters not in musical scale (A to G) and then uses remaining to find most commenly used “note”. – It also defines synthesizer to use based on number of charcter on webpage. I gave it...

How music can rescue-Help for Haiti-Download to Donate campaign

Barely a week after tragedy hit Haiti in the form of a massive earthquake, my favourites Linkin Park along with many other artists have stepped forward to help the country’s struggling residents with ambitious “Download to Donate for Haiti” project. Project Download to Donate for Haiti will donate whole amount generated by each and every download of tracks. The tracks includes industries well known artists who donated their songs for the gr8 cause. And they’ve done what best they can do, all gr8 music machines. If you’re a music lover, this is a worth spending album. More artists are coming...

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