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11 Sep

What Music mean to you?

What music mean to you?

What music mean to you? Well, surealy this is one of those questions for which you know the answer but you just can’t describe satisfactorily. So, here is my try.

What music mean to you?

What music mean to you?

I’m a music lover n’ my friends know that. I’m not a great muzician or a singer but I have quite a good taste. I admire those who live the music and in my dreams I see myself becoming one.

I’m not sure since when I’m listening to music and became an addict; but with Music, the older I grew younger I got, the stronger I got!

I believe there is no Music, No Song, No Rhythm exists which you can’t relate your life with. Music is the most powerful element that can drive you from moods and situations. Music is an enormous source of instant energy, it thrills n’ chills.

Imagine the strongest tsunami or a volcano or a tornado… nothing can beat the impact of music. Music ON and Boom… it takes you. It has life within it.

Music teaches you ways to live, makes you feel, explains things and situations. It encourages you, motivates you, it pours energy into you. Music can make you cross your boundaries and you’ll feel powerful like never before.  Music is food for the soul.

I literally race with the beats while I work, I walk and I play. That particular song runs in the background even if I’m not listening to it. I take a feel of it.

For me, a lyric is a sharp blade & the music is a real force behind it. Great music will cut me in pieces in a single shot and that’s how I like it. Music is an ocean of joy, sinking is the only desire I’d have. When you like something it goes straight to your heart, mind, blood and it runs in your body, charging you and changing you. Music is a wound you’ll always like to remain unhealed. The world will not be the same, music changes it. It changes, rather, improves your view, your perception or deception.

I listen to Classical & Bollywood, Rap & Rock & other varieties of Music without any restrictions of language. I remember the days when I used to eat Metallica & Eminem… before starting our cricket/football sessions!

I don’t know but I literally get goosebumps while listening to my favourites.

I am not a good singer by voice quality at least, but I like singing a lot. I literally do singing sessions of an hour or two whenever I’m home. I sing all my favourites until my throat pains and tears literally come out of my eyes. I always keep thinking, how great those people might be feeling while they make you feel so selfless and so full of yourself, how contradictory and how self-confident. It must be a great feeling as well. I’ve never tried marijuana but I have no doubt music can take you much higher.

Eminem, Enrique, James Blunt and many more, maybe I’d have to dedicate a whole page to write names. Not only English, my list includes great Hindi singers like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Shan, KK … and even Rammestein 🙂 Yes, I hardly understand the language (I do try using translators) but I sing it at the top of my voice. I don’t care about neighbour, I lock the door and put my speakers on full volume and sing with them.

It’s really difficult to explain how I feel the music in words; it’s quite an observatory difference you can find in me while I’m doping music. I don’t know how to explain but I love to live those moments, those rythmic waves of music. I love music. I live music.

One more, a bit personal reason why I love music is I spell it as MuZiK. That’s coz MuZiK connects me with my better 99% part (not half).

So, What’s music for you?

19 Feb

codeorgan-give sound to your webpage-website

Today I found an interesting site which plays your website!!

Yep… it’s codeorgan.com.

The codeorgan analyzes the body content of any website / webpage and translate that in to music.

It uses complex algorithm helps it in defining key, synth style and drum patterns as per page content.

Steps it follow to play your website / webpage:

– It scans page contents, removes all characters not in musical scale (A to G) and then uses remaining to find most commenly used “note”.

– It also defines synthesizer to use based on number of charcter on webpage.

I gave it a try; I found it pretty interesting idea 🙂

Check how this page sounds.

08 Feb

How music can rescue-Help for Haiti-Download to Donate campaign

Barely a week after tragedy hit Haiti in the form of a massive earthquake, my favourites Linkin Park along with many other artists have stepped forward to help the country’s struggling residents with ambitious “Download to Donate for Haiti” project.

Project Download to Donate for Haiti will donate whole amount generated by each and every download of tracks. The tracks includes industries well known artists who donated their songs for the gr8 cause. And they’ve done what best they can do, all gr8 music machines. If you’re a music lover, this is a worth spending album.
More artists are coming forth in this musical effort to help to increase and speedup recovery for the people of Haiti.

My favourites amongst them are:

Not Alone – Linkin Park
We are one – hoobastank
It must be love – Enrique

Lyrics and music of Not Alone is really gr8…

The very first para LP sings:
I break down, fear is sinking in
The cold comes, racing through my skin
Searching for a way to get to you
Through the storm you…

While the lines:

Go, giving up your home
Go, leaving all you’ve known
You go, giving up your home
Go, leaving all you’ve known
You are not alone

leaves the impact… I’m really liking this song.

Same is the case with hoobastank, they’re good as usual and the song We are one is again a good number, with nice music in their dedicated song “We are one”.
The song, “It must be love” from Enrique is the also a good single and worth to hear.
The lyrics are nice ‘Enrique type’, the very first verses will give you the hint

First I get cold, then hot
Think I’m on fire, but I’m not
Oh, what a pain I’ve got
It must be love

The Musical way to Help the project: Download to Donate for Haiti:


Below is upcoming DVD video regarding the Haiti:

Helping hands are far better than Praying lips.
Lets all be helping “ears” to these great songs !!
I will update this for more information soon .

04 Nov

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-- Kedar Vaijanapurkar --