A year in MySQL Blogging – top blogs, summary and review

Top MySQL Blogs by Kedar

The year 2023 surely was a successful year in MySQL blogging. I managed to publish 24 MySQL blogs in total both personal and Percona blog. This post is a reflection of the journey and listing top pics. Of-course it goes without saying, the work culture at Percona and my great colleagues helped me learn and are source of the posts I’ve written.

My Top 5 MySQL blogs of 2023

Among all the blogs I have written (on both Percona or nitty-witty platforms), following 5 were well received.

  1. How to replicate without binary logs in MySQL
    Date: 2023/07/27
  2. What do you need to debug MySQL issues – a checklist
    Publish Date: 2023/12/11
  3. MySQL Key Performance Indicators (KPI) With PMM
    Publish Date: 2023/06/22
  4. Maximizing Performance of AWS RDS for MySQL with Dedicated Log Volumes
    Publish Date: 2023/12/11
  5. How to Read Simplified SHOW REPLICA STATUS Output
    Publish Date: 2023/09/20

The complete MySQL blog list 2023

Following is the complete list of blogs I wrote last year related to MySQL. Click to get the links.

Highlights of 2023 MySQL blogging journey

In 2023, I completed publishing 100th blog dedicated to MySQL. Keeping a quality content for more than 10 years along with work and personal commitments, it’s been a challenge. Need not to say, ChatGPT wasn’t around for majority of the times (it is still not the source for my articles).

It was a pleasant moment when the nitty-witty.com, “Change Is Inevitable”, gained recognition and listed on the #8 spot as the list of top MySQL blogs of 2023 on Feedspot.

I spontaneously took one MySQL blog a day challenge in the mid year (July), it was a difficult challenge and I have written a detailed post about my learning.


As we step into 2024, the journey continues; I am sure my work place is going to make me meet interesting problems and my friends are going to create some. I invite you, the readers, to share your thoughts, topics or questions you would you like me to write about. If you want to start your blogging journey, I invite you to start here as well. Cheers to the MySQL community!

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