Extreme Movie Review – Prince of Persia (2010)

As soon as Prince of Persia name appears I recall my colleage days of P.O.P. 3D the game of Late 2000 Era. I used to play em’ a lot. Later came the Sands of Time and the Warrior Within, two more games in the series of Prince Of Persia. I used to love them playing.

Well, after this background I expected a lot of action and stunt from the movie. No wonder it is kinda’ action movie but I had my high expectations.

The movie is based on Persian attack on sacred city of Alamut. Dastan, the adopted son of king of Persia lead the persin army to win Alamut. The attack was under assumption that city’s people were selling weapons to enemies, as shown by Nizam (King’s brother). But actual intention of Nizam was to acquire the Dagger of Time, a mythical weapon which was with Tamina, Princess of Alamut. By acquiring it Nizam had plan to time travel and kill the King so that he can rule the Persia. Well, Gemma Arterton as a princess, Jake Gyllenhaal as Dastan were good. The initial action sequence was good too.

Further Nizam killed King using a poisoned gown and fooled Prince Dastan, who appeared to be the killer to the rest. The story later revolves around how Dastan proves him not guilty and how the secred Dagger of Time saved from “wrong” people.


There were plenty of moments when I expected a great action sequence but it disappointed me.
To kill Dastan, Nizam hires the Hassansins, highly skilled killer, who were actually banned by the King but Nizam supported them privately. There skills shown increased my expections towards a great fight but again it went in small simple actions.

In between Prince Dastan travels from a velly of slaves, mixex group of merchant-bandits. The dialogues were quite odd and funny, for eg. “ostriches are suicidal”. 🙂
Well I’d prefer not to write whole story here but conclusion is the Prince of Persia was average. For those who are fan of action movies may just not like this.

This is not a must watch movie, but it will not bore you.

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