Movie review: Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani

Yes !! It is a Gajab Kahani, the name is perfectly chosen by the director Rajkumar Santoshi but it would have been better if he had taken a better script and had done some lessons on Direction before actually directing this one. I missed at least 20 minutes of the movie in start and it turned out to be for good. The story of the movie goes like this:

A loser called Prem live is some street. Prem likes to help others and make others happy. So he and other loser friends had made a loser club called “Happy Club” where Prem is president. Prem does not work neither his loser friends (As expected). He falls in love with a Christian girl Jeni or Jennifer which is played by Katrina. And then this story goes on without any particular path.

Later as we expected movie had a twist which is actually very straight forward, very predictable and not shocking at all. Jennie had a lover called Rahul played by Upen Patel. Rahul is child of some Politician with lots of money (as expected again). Then Rahul’s father do not agree (as expected) and then Prem did a prank type kidnap of Rahul from party. Not sure why Katrina was required in that party but she was dancing there with Ranbir, sorry Prem.

And then Prem make Rahul’s politician dad accept with another non-funny prank type setup. Then finally there a Don with prepaid mobile and limited ammo gun. The Don kidnaps Jenni and asks 10 crores. Finally Prem again saves Jenni from Don with some very unusual fight scene. After that jennie starts loving Prem and then she marries Prem. That’s IT … Thank god that story ends here itself.

Now I cannot tell you how much bad acting Katrina has done that it easily covers up Ranbir’s. Kat has shown no good comic timing and no equal facial expression. Ranbir does not actually look like looser at all. Most of the time in movie he looses his looser look and goes back to same style guru look. There has been little shown for their family but I can assure you that Prem’s parents had great comic sense and that is only part when I actually thought of laughing. The sets in the movie were pathetic and childish. I cannot really digest Don’s place in the movie, the setup at Don’s Dan was much like a Pogo TV show for kids. Actually it was funny how stupid one can try to be. Rajkumar Santoshi is not a stupid man and when he tried to be one he has done a mess. Most of the dialogs in movie are not funny at all. It looks like there has been no editing done for the movie and it just came out of actual reel. There is much more but don’t wanna right whole script here, you do understand right?

At music front, music is better when it is in CD. When the same music joins the movie it adds up to its boredom.

Movie scores low in scenes where we could have laugh riot it turns out that we had utter boredom. This happens when you try to be “Priyadarshan”.

The worst part about this movie is, being a comedy movie it does not make me laugh. Not even for few moments in the movie.

The film had lot of start point where I actually thought that this one can really pick the story up but soon it dies out with Ranbir and Kat getting into focus and ruining the movie. I waited till end of the movie thinking that at any time it can pick up but it never. Instead it just kept digging down and down and down.

If you want to know my ratings for the movie, just read my line below:

If I am a person going for the movie first time, I will quite on movies after this one.

This movie can get ½ stars or may be lower then that at my ratings.

I hope this lets you decide on if you want to go for this movie or not.


  1. A perfect Review….!!!

    From my side this movie is boring with totally hypothetical sets…..and how we can expect a comedy movie from Rajkumar santoshi?

    so overall d rating given by u is perfect : 1/2 star…

    Overall APKGK is a must NOT watch movie…..

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