MySQL master master replication monitor with php code

For monitoring replication we know a lot of tools and codes – but this one is different because I wrote it 😉
Well this is fairly simple php code for monitoring a master master replication setup.

It requires a single shared login id available on both MySQL servers.

It will display in tabular format following details:

You can easily stop / start each server’s slave (STOP SLAVE / START SLAVE) with a single click.
It also does provide detailed information of global status variables on same page.
It is auto refreshes by default every 2 seconds to provide updated status of both MySQL Servers in Replication.

In code you just need to adjust following parameters as per requirement:

#host-name & ports for replication servers
$slave = “localhost”;
$master = “localhost”;

#Refresh rate

#considered a common username password for accessing both servers#

You can download code here: mysql-replication-monitor.php

MySQL Replication Monitor Using PHP: Widgets

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