Top 10 Suresh Kalmadi-CWG Jokes-Delhi 2010

A lot of SMSes and Jokes I’ve received and read online about Mr. Suresh Kalmadi and CWG. Well, it’s quite a bit serious matter but such a huge mess gave us chance to make fun of CWG.

Well as far as I see Mr. Kalmadi’s work profile I really doubt someone who has worked in Indian Airforce for almost 11 years with eight medals in his career can get involved in such a big scam!!
I do not doubt on politics anyways.

Last night I heard Mr. Suresh Kalmadi’s interview about CWG; who was ready for any kind of Judicial Inquiry and was conveying “Hang me if I’m found guilty”. Well if it’s corruption it’s not just one man!! We all know…

I’m not sure what’ll be the actions taken to all this huge corruption, irresponsibility and risking pride of India after the Common Wealth Games!!

Here you go with TOP 10 CWG – Kalmadi Jokes.

“Breaking news…. A.R. Rehman song dropped from CWG …Instead, Kalmadi will dance at the opening ceremony, to the song. Delhi badnaam hui darling tere liye!”

Prince Charles is thanking kalmadi and is actively convincing the Queen to visit dengue hit Cwg Delhi, this may be his last chance to become the king!

Terrorists set to skip CWG 2010 citing thanx to Kalmadi. Unlivable conditions and fear for their safety

It’s amazing but true. If u rearrange the letters “SIR U MADE LAKHS”, U get “SURESH KALMADI”

Q: How many contractors are required to change a light bulb in Delhi CWG stadium?
Kalmadi: 1 Million. (1 to change bulb and rest 999,999 to hold the ceiling)


“delhi cm Sheila Dixit to Kalmadi: Delhi badnaamhui darling tere liye!”. “Sadkein bhi jam hui, CWG tere liye”.

Next edition of CWG will be called KWG, Kalmadi Wealth Games

“A collapse a day keeps the athletes away”, Kalmadi mantra. Thus giving more scope to Indian Athletes to Win.

In the name of Ayodhya, recent Bulk SMS ban was for preventing people forwarding ‘Kalmadijokes’.

Suresh Kalmadi: We have a strong bid for Olympics.

Share if you have more 🙂
They are jokes and should be taken as jokes!!

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