How music can rescue-Help for Haiti-Download to Donate campaign

Barely a week after tragedy hit Haiti in the form of a massive earthquake, my favourites Linkin Park along with many other artists have stepped forward to help the country’s struggling residents with ambitious “Download to Donate for Haiti” project. Project Download to Donate for Haiti will donate whole amount generated by each and every […]

Petition – Help saving MySQL – II

And I looked back and thought of updating this post… Recently Monty has posted again and I completely convinced with whatever Monty has conveyed now or earlier. The explainations he has provided under self-interview, I find sensible enough. I did participated the help-saving-mysql campaign and I’m happy knowing the statistics. I did got convinced about the possible threat about […]

Ganapati Aarti: Sukhkarta Dukhharta – With English Translation | download mp3

Ganapati Aarti: Sukhkarta Dukhharta ।। श्री गणेशाय नमः ।। सुखकर्ता दुखहर्ता वार्ता विघ्नाची |नुरवी पूर्वी प्रेम कृपा जयाची |सर्वांगी सुंदर उटी शेंदुराची |कंठी झळके माळ मुक्ताफळाची || १ || जय देव जय देव जय मंगलमूर्ती |दर्शनमात्रे मनकामना पुरती ||रत्नखचित फरा तूज गौरीकुमरा |चंदनाची उटी कुंकुमकेशरा |हिरे जडित मुकुट शोभतो बरा |रुणझुणती नुपुरे चरणी घागरिया || 2 || […]

Unique birthday card wishes for My dear Brother

This is an online birthday card wish to my dear brother. Click to view the Online Birthday Card: Happy Birthday Kaushik. Most people find it little difficult to guess the “Functionality” of this birthday wishing card/page. It’s slow and steady will win the wish kinda birthday page 🙂 My bro liked it, and I know […]