MySQL related blog posts

Restore single MySQL table from Xtrabackup (video demo)

In this blog we will create MySQL backup and then restore single table from Percona Xtrabackup without doing full restore. This post is basically a work-log in response to a feedback on my previous blog about MySQL Interview with ChatGPT. Here is a video recording of the steps described below for restoring single table from xtrabackup. Create a compressed MySQL backup using Xtrabackup xtrabackup –backup –compress –compress-threads=8 –target-dir=/root/backupdir Output in backup directory [root@ip-172-31-83-17 ~]# ls -lhtr /root/backupdirtotal 3.1M-rw-r—–. 1 root root 164K Dec 14 17:11 ibdata1.qpdrwxr-x—. 2 root root 31 Dec 14 17:11 sysdrwxr-x—. 2 root root 23 Dec 14...

MySQL Interview – ChatGPT is not your DBA

Given the recent surge of interest in ChatGPT and the AI capabilities it offers, I decided to conduct an interview with it to assess its suitability for a MySQL Consultant position. This blog post is a result of that interview, during which I asked ChatGPT a range of questions related to MySQL and other relevant topics. As I expected, the interview candidate performed well on the theoretical questions, but some of their answers to the practical questions were incorrect and could potentially cause significant damage to a database. This blog post only includes a portion of the full interview conversation....

Can not connect to ProxySQL: reasons and fixtures

This ProxySQL post is sourced from an error I faced recently handler___status_CONNECTING_CLIENT___STATE_SERVER_HANDSHAKE(): [ERROR] ProxySQL Error: Access denied for user ProxySQL has become one of the popular choice as the “proxy” for MySQL databases. This post is tipping you off for debugging connectivity issue and fixtures around it for a specific use-case. ProxySQL Connectivity Ofcourse while to connect ProxySQL we have two choices for what we want to do: Admin Interface and MySQL. Admin interface allows us to configure and manage the ProxySQL. MySQL interface is basically the “proxy” connectivity to MySQL databases configured in ProxySQL.

Providing Friday Proofs to MySQL Consultants

In the MySQL world, I am surrounded by some of the best database consultant, it brings them immense joy about having a “Friday”, so much so that they cannot believe that it actually is a Friday. Regardless of what they see on their watches and calendars, it becomes a crucial task of the day to prove it. Prove it technically that it actually is a Friday. This blog post is my attempt to share the proofs of existence of a “Friday”. Using MySQL datetime function: dayname Running system command from MySQL prompt

2 many dots can break your replication only once

Two or more dots in your relay log or binary log names can break replication; but worry not, it will only do it once. If you request to start again, it will work. That’s it, that’s the blog. Should you choose to spend some more time, go ahead. A new MySQL 5.7 GTID replication chain was being constructed and fail-overs were being tested while an oddity of MySQL replication revealed itself. The Orchestrator graceful fail-over was not able to attach the replica and reporting an error. Every possibility was investigated: