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01 Oct

दुर्गे दुर्घट भारी – श्री देवीची आरती | Aarti Durge Durghat Bhari | Marathi

दुर्गे दुर्घट भारी – श्री देवीची आरती
Durge Durghat Bhari

दुर्गे दुर्घट भारी तुजविण संसारी ।
अनाथनाथे अंबे करुणा विस्तारी ॥
वारी वारीं जन्ममरणाते वारी ।
हारी पडलो आता संकट नीवारी ॥ १ ॥

जय देवी जय देवी महिषासुरमथनी ।
सुरवरईश्वरवरदे तारक संजीवनी ॥ धृ. ॥

त्रिभुवनी भुवनी पाहतां तुज ऐसे नाही ।
चारी श्रमले परंतु न बोलावे काहीं ॥
साही विवाद करितां पडिले प्रवाही ।
ते तूं भक्तालागी पावसि लवलाही ॥ २ ॥

जय देवी जय देवी महिषासुरमथनी ।
सुरवरईश्वरवरदे तारक संजीवनी ॥

प्रसन्न वदने प्रसन्न होसी निजदासां ।
क्लेशापासूनि सोडी तोडी भवपाशा ॥
अंबे तुजवांचून कोण पुरविल आशा ।
नरहरि तल्लिन झाला पदपंकजलेशा ॥ ३ ॥

जय देवी जय देवी महिषासुरमथनी ।
सुरवरईश्वरवरदे तारक संजीवनी ॥

11 Apr

Weekend at Nature Discovery Centre – Sundarvan, Ahmedabad


– A Nature Discovery Centre is like a small zoo located in the heart of the city Ahmedabad. I heard about and decided to appear personally.

How to reach Sundarvan:
Located at very odd place, I mean on a regular Satellite road you will never even notice anything like “Sundarvan” exists.

Things to do:
Sundarvan will hardly take 2 hours of yours to get you closer to nature.

Various species of birds including Peacock, ducks, love birds…; reptiles like snakes and crocodile and small mammals like rabbit, guinea pig etc you can see.
You can also check the traditional puppet show. Main attraction here is the 15 minute snake show.

Puppet Show at Sundarvan

Puppet Show at Sundarvan

At the entrance, you get to see the Ducks, a lot of them. Though the warning is given people still feed them and some of the arrogant visitors even exchange hot words with the zoo keeper when opposed.
Duck At Sundarvan

Duck At Sundarvan

I never knew something called “Love Birds” actually exists and one should actually go and visit Sundarvan to know why they’re called “Love Birds” 🙂 Anyways they’re really colorful & beautiful & full of love :).

Love Birds At Sundarvan

Love Birds At Sundarvan

Next to it was the Rabbit’s cage which was very stingy and dirty. It was not at all in proper condition and I felt pity for them 🙁

A better looking Rabbit At Sundarvan

A better looking Rabbit At Sundarvan

I saw almost 5-6 peacocks, our National Bird. But guess what, I saw a lot of street dogs running behind them. I find Sundarvan is not at all safe for those Peacocks :(.

Indian National Bird at Sundarvan

Indian National Bird at Sundarvan

Best part of Sundarvan is the snake show hosted at the end of the visiting hour every weekend.

Sundarvan also has a small collection of fishes  & tortoises but with unclear glasses it’s all stopping the view. Same goes for the snake’s cages.
Well I had a lot of hopes from my visit. I even liked the efforts being done to maintain this but I’m very much disappointed by the condition of the Sundarvan. A lot needs to be done.


Jodhpur Tekra, Satellite Road
Ahmedabad – 380 015
Phone : 079 – 26923148

Tuesday to Friday: 04.00 PM to 06.00 PM
Saturday and Sunday: 09.30 AM to 12.00 Noon and 04.00 PM to 06.00 PM
Monday Closed.

Wish to visit it again.

21 Jan

Kedar’s Blog Performance Statistics-Year 2010

This post is dedicated to blog performance and statistics by analytical numbers.
So, how did the blog perform in 2010? Below is the simple statistics to explain the blog performance throughout the year.

Where did the readers came from?

Country or Territory Visits
United States 10,950
India 10,166
United Kingdom 2,628
Canada 1,395
Germany 1,286
France 1,021
Australia 958
Netherlands 797
Italy 694
Japan 668

What posts you liked the most?

Popular Blog Page Visits
load-delimited-data-csv-excel-into-mysql-server/ 5,724
mydumpsplitter-extract-tables-from-mysql-dump-shell-script/ 2,727
load-delimited-data-csv-excel-into-mysql-server 2,380
mysql-stored-procedure-split-delimited-string-into-rows/ 2,250
mysql-stored-procedure-to-generate-extract-insert-statement/ 1,873
mysql-search-through-all-database-tables-columns-stored-procedure.php 1,720
blog 1,573
search-through-all-databases-tables-columns-in-mysql/ 1,395
simple-shell-script-to-monitoring-disk-space-on-a-linux-machine/ 1,302
working-with-editplus-text-editor-regular-expression-how-to/ 1,063

What people search and land here?

Popular Keyword Visits
csv to mysql 814
no more spool space in teradata 185
mysql load data 152
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mysql stored procedure 133
teradata no more spool space 132
insulting one liners 125
mysql split string into rows 124
no more spool space 115
mysql split 102

Which search engine points to the blog?

Referring Search Engine Visits
google 28,473
yahoo 437
bing 253
search 148
ask 43
aol 14
yandex 9 7
altavista 4
eniro 3

Which are the top referring websites?

Referring Website Visits 2,987 774 643 588 543 309 198 177 123 86

Above data for ‘Blog Statistics’ is extracted from Google Analytics.
I promise the 2011 will be more contentful in terms of topics, resources and information rich blog posts.

Thanks a ton, readers!

27 Aug

Computer usage and maintenance-my 10 practices

I have already written a post for my list of must have softwares. I’ve now decided to share how I use my machine.
In this post I will post my usage and maintenance methods for personal computer. I hope this post will help you in getting great usage experience after following it.

I’m a PC Freak! I like my computer to be fast, quick and handy. I don’t much like to use mouse and love to finish as many things possible by Keyboard only. If you’re not already following, I recommend these regular computer practices.

1. I Use Shortcuts

I have shortcuts for all my regularly used tools. For example my regular shortcuts are:

Putty: Ctrl+Alt+P
Notepad: Ctrl+Alt+N
Winamp: Ctrl+Alt+M
Editplus: Ctrl+Alt+Num+
Query Brower: Ctrl+Alt+Q
WinSCP: Ctrl+Alt+V
Wordweb: Ctrl+Alt+W
Paint: Ctrl+Alt+Num1
Word: Ctrl+Alt+Num2
Excel: Ctrl+Alt+Num3
Gtalk: Ctrl+Alt+G
Firefox: Ctrl+Alt+F
Chrome: Ctrl+Alt+C
Epic: Ctrl+Alt+E

It’s quite simple to create shortcuts like this.

Start > Program > your-program > executable (Shortcut) > right click > Properties > Specify Shortcut

I think below picture will explain it better.

Create Shortcut

2. I Clean My Desktop

Normally my machine has a black background / “beautiful” picture (you cannot take your eyes off) with no desktop icons 🙂
To remove all desktop icons I do:
Right Click on Desktop > Arrange Icons By > Uncheck Show Desktop Icon
Check Image:

3. I Use More Shortcuts

There are many basic and regularly used shortcuts I use regularly:
Minimize all windows: Flag+M
Switch between windows: Alt+Tab
Switch reverse: Alt+Shift+Tab (I think this is little less known)
On Windows Vista / Win7 system you get more animated Flat+Tab buttons.

… and I use even more shortcuts… seems like I need to dedicate one post for shortcuts 🙂


4. I Do Save Power and Follow Security

When ever I go away, I lock (Ctrl+L) my machine and turn my monitor off. Well, it saves power too 🙂


Right-click the desktop > click Properties.
In the Display Properties dialog box > click the Screen Saver tab > click the Power button.

You can set your power options respectively.

5. I Hate Automatic Updates

I make sure my windows automatic update is turned off.
Go to System Properties [Flag+Break] > Automatic Updates > Turn off Automatic Updates.

6. I Get Back to Work Quickly-Hibernate

I do also enable Hibernate. Hibernation will save your current session in memory and shuts your computer. But it provides instant startup 🙂
Start > Control Panel > Power Options Properties > Hibernete Tab > Check Enable Hibernate.
See Snap:

setting hibernate

7. I Don’t Start Unnecessary Things

Remove unnecessary startup:
Start > Run [Flag+R]
Type “msconfig” and press enter. This will open ‘System Configuration Utility’.
On ‘Startup’ tab I uncheck unnecessary services.

8.  I Check And Stop Unnecessary Services

Also I make sure no unnecessary service consume my machine’s memory by disabling them. Eg. I Disable ‘Automatic Updates’.
Start > Run [Flag+R]

9. I Don’t System Restore

System Restore is something that stores changes to my machine and enables restore it to particular point. But I disable it. It saves memory and risk of restoration of Viruses, in case. 😉

10. I Defragment

I also defragment my drives approx once a month.
Start > Run [Flag+R]

Do respond with your suggestions and review for my practices.

25 Aug

Shutter Speed & F-stop: Sony DSC HX1 Photography

Yesterday I was traveling from Ahmedabad to Vadodara and luckily I carried my DSC HX1 with me. I was even lucky that I was incapable of driving and was on front seat. No doubt my hand and car vibrations helped a bit in getting those designs. 🙂

I decided experiment with shutter speed for my Digital Camera and got some nice lightening decorations.

I was in Manual shooting mode; for most of the pics below I’ve used f-value (Aperature diameter) F8.0 and exposure is +2.0 unless specified otherwise. Minimum shutter speed I could set was NR 30″.

ISO is something I have not dared to play with till now, so I let my DSC HX1 use it Auto.

Okay so here I go with few of my shutter speed controlled light drawings 🙂

Right, a lot of vibrations caused those bumps… Further I decreased it to 30 Sec and I got:

Well, below is my steady shot (no Vibrations) for 10 second near Vadodara Toll Booth.

Suddenly I realised the full moon and changed focus to sky along with Exposure time 1/1250 and then 1/2000 Sec respectively.

Btw check above results with my previous capture [F/5.2, Exposure Time 1/30 Sec].

-- Kedar Vaijanapurkar --