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21 Feb

Delhi 6 – Movie review

Delhi 6…It was a regular weekend and as usual i was expecting a good time with Delhi 6! 
Movie starts with a “Kala Bandhar” [monkey-man] fear in Delhi. A parallel shot was of Abhishek’s Grandma getting closer to death and was interested to live rest of her life in Delhi. 

“Kala-bandhar” was all over the plot with all incidents depicting the dark-side of us. Along with it a “Ram-lila” was being played part by part with appropriate scenes. They tried well to touch many parts of life in Delhi-6.

Theres a scene when Abhishek(Roshan) slapped back to a police-man and as usual Roshan sent behind the bars. His uncle bribed the police-man to make em free, and there was a dilogue “kya kare sahib, kaayde kaanun me pala badhha hai”  pointing the situation of law & order here…

The first part bored me a lot, though there are few interesting dialogs and scenes. May be that boredom was required for creating base for movie after interval. A good friend said, “You should see it as a city – Delhi 6.. 

In first part movie is trying to show a regular city of Delhi”. This looked a bit TP to me – things were just 

passing-by for me in the movie for the first half. There they tried to showcase a regular life including the differences between brothers, hindu-muslim stuff, politics & regular cop-story, ram-lila and a increasing likelyness between Bittu & Roshan. Oh yeah, one more face of girls of Delhi shown in d’ pic – the difference 

between what they have to show and what they feel-in-side. Bittu leave the home in traditional panjabi suit but later in the city she change over to a modern delhi-gal. She was following dream of becoming an ‘indian-idol’! 

Second part was lil interesting when Roshan had to go back to NY and he imagined D-6 in NY. This probable distance and communal-riot kinda thing made em’ realise the attachment to D-6 & Bittu. Mean while story continues with “Kala-Bandhar”.. 
In d’ the song “Masakkali” Bittu looked nice – well shes beautiful. I also loved the song “Arziyan” and “kala bandar”.. Actually “kala bandar”‘s lyrics has whole film described in brief and i think thats what whole film want to convey..and “Arziyan” is a qawwali with gr8 lyrics !! 

You don’t need to go for it if you want some entertainment / fun. Delhi-6 is a city described as a Character in first part and in second part They emphacised more on the problems, mindsets, surroundings & bandars amongst us.
Movie bored me till interval but after that it has a strong story and filming. I mean i wished to see “what more..what else…” !! There also came a peak time at the end of the story when I felt a pin-drop silence – the most shocking and better shot of the movie..[wont reveal – u watch it], but its again related to that “kala-bandar”.. i felt it the best part of the movie.. can’t write everything here!!

Well I won’t say its a must watch movie, but still atleast second part is worth watching..
1-star for 1st half and 3.5 star for second..

And if you go for it, watch it as a description of D6, watch-out for what minor details They have covered.
Also don’t forget to check out original cd of the movie – may be you can jump to nearest crossword – they ‘ve conveyed a message there as well with a mirror on it.. Watch the movie for getting d’ idea behind.. 

Therez are some gr8 lines at the very start of the movie by Prasoon Joshi – 

zarre zarre me usika noor hai, 
jhaank khud me, vo na tuj se door hai, 
ishq hai us-se to sabse ishq kar, 
iss ibaadat ka yehi to dastoor hai…,
Is mein us mein aur us mein hai wohi,
Yaar mera har taraf bharpoor hai…

Over all it was an ‘okay’ movie but a better good to watch second half.. 3 Songs “Arziyan”, “kala bandar” and “Masakkali” are my favourites good lyrics + musik.

Check the songs here:



-- Kedar Vaijanapurkar --