दुर्गे दुर्घट भारी – श्री देवीची आरती | Aarti Durge Durghat Bhari | Marathi

दुर्गे दुर्घट भारी – श्री देवीची आरती Durge Durghat Bhari दुर्गे दुर्घट भारी तुजविण संसारी ।अनाथनाथे अंबे करुणा विस्तारी ॥वारी वारीं जन्ममरणाते वारी ।हारी पडलो आता संकट नीवारी ॥ १ ॥ जय देवी जय देवी महिषासुरमथनी ।सुरवरईश्वरवरदे तारक संजीवनी ॥ धृ. ॥ त्रिभुवनी भुवनी पाहतां तुज ऐसे नाही ।चारी श्रमले परंतु न बोलावे काहीं ॥साही […]

Kedar’s Blog Performance Statistics-Year 2010

This post is dedicated to blog performance and statistics by analytical numbers. So, how did the blog perform in 2010? Below is the simple statistics to explain the blog performance throughout the year. Where did the readers came from? Country or Territory Visits United States 10,950 India 10,166 United Kingdom 2,628 Canada 1,395 Germany 1,286 […]

Computer usage and maintenance-my 10 practices

I have already written a post for my list of must have softwares. I’ve now decided to share how I use my machine. In this post I will post my usage and maintenance methods for personal computer. I hope this post will help you in getting great usage experience after following it. I’m a PC […]

My Sony DSC HX1 Performance, Learning and Photos – I

After a lot of ifs, buts, confusions and questions I’ve bought Sony’s DSC HX1 . Well I’m not that good at photography but yes I like that. Here I will post my some of the photography with new DSC HX1. I’d request your comments and suggestion to improve it. Mind well, the pictures captured and uploaded here […]

Google:Earth View on Google maps

When have you lastly visited Google Maps? Google have now Introduced Google Earth on Google Maps. Now using Browser you can  see 3D maps online; they named it “Earth View”. Till now we were just looking at flat terrains but after installing the Earth View Plugin, you will be able to get actual 3D view. […]

Earth Hour March 27 2010-India-Switch off lights for future

Earth Hour is a global event organized by WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature). Earth Hour held on the last Saturday of March annually, asking households and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights and other electrical appliances for one hour to raise awareness towards the need to take action on climate change. In 2007, […]