Scheduled Backup MySQL Administrator & Windows Scheduler – Odd

Creating scheduled backup using administrator is an easy task. Follow the GUI and you’re done. But I observed something different! MySQL Version: 5.0.83 Community MySQL Administrator: 1.2.17 Machine: Intel P4, Windows XP, Enough RAM 🙂 Logs: General, Error & irrelevant here though Slow query. Prologue: Administrator performs scheduled backup properly in normal scenario. What I […]

Monitor multiple mysql replication using php: Updated

Monitoring a replication is an important aspect. As replication includes multiple nodes, it is essential to track activity and status across all mysql servers involved in replication. To monitor replication we know commands like: Show slave status; Show master status; Refer: But when it comes to non-gui interface, it becomes little tedious. With some […]

Quick Multi MySQL Server Installation with Master-Master Replication on Same Windows Box

This article is a brief step-by-step tutorial on the subject task which is divided into the following main parts: Installing two MySQL Server Instances Setting up master-slave replication Setting up slave-master replication Let’s begin covering those points… Installing Two MySQL Server Instances on Windows: 1. Install MySQL: Download MySQL Binaries from Install normal MSI […]

MySQL Master Master Replication and auto_increment_increment / auto_increment_offset

In this post we will see importance of replication related variables auto_increment_increment & auto_increment_offset with respect to MySQL Master Master setup. Consider we’ve already set a master-master replication. Now create following table on Server1: `id` int(10) NOT NULL auto_increment, PRIMARY KEY (`id`) ) ENGINE=MyISAM AUTO_INCREMENT=12 DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1; The table will will get replicated on Mysql […]

Upload Image to MySQL using PHP

Upload Image to MySQL using PHP As a new-bie to php/mysql, I tried different stuffs. So here I’m with my php code for Image Upload to MySQL. Its a quite simple code with two php files one to display and one to upload. For Image Upload code, I’ve added code download link at the […]