Stored procedure to Find database objects

This procedure lists available database objects under passed database name. It lists present Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, Functions and Triggers under particular database. It also lists storage engine of tables. It uses information schema database to gather information and storing in a temporary table. Usage: call xplore(database-name); – Procedure will search through information schema for […]

The Dos Chat – Lan Messenger

This is a LAN Messenger which allows you to chat with friends on local network. The Dos based chat program is just like a chat program but only for LAN. What you need to have is: This tool, a desire for communication and an IP / Machine Name. In one line, its a “batch program […]

Regular Expression Basics – Quick Reference

Characters Character Description Example Any character except [\^$.|?*+() All characters except the listed special characters match a single instance of themselves. { and } are literal characters, unless they’re part of a valid regular expression token (e.g. the {n} quantifier). a matches a \ (backslash) followed by any of [\^$.|?*+(){} A backslash escapes special characters […]

Quick look at subversion / svn commands – overview

About Subversion: Subversion, also known as svn, is a version control system much like the Concurrent Versions System (CVS). Version control systems allow many individuals (who may be distributed geographically) to collaborate on a set of files (typically source code). Subversion has all the major features of CVS, plus certain new features that CVS users […]

Linux Shell Commands – quick how-tos

Following are linux commands, tricks for doing regular tasks. Rename files: replace space by _ in linux: for files in *; do mv “$files” `echo $files | tr ‘ ‘ ‘_’`; done Change case of multiple file names: for files in *; do mv $files `echo $files | tr ‘[:upper:]’ ‘[:lower:]’`; done Find files having […]