Java termwork connect Access Database and operations

Long back there were golden days of post graduation in the “great” DDIT (Now Dharamsinh Desai University), Nadiad.
Assignments, termwork and journals or everything similar was in demand – I attempted a java code as my termwork on Monday, October 03, 2005. [That’s created date of .java file, I don’t remember anything.]
A “variable check” became very famous, notorious actually, for some unmentionable reasons. It was recently mentioned by Utkarsh AKA Bapu.
Later I decided to scan each bit of my harddisk and get that 8582 code.
So here is that java code and it was working 5 years back.
I don’t remember / have termwork’s definition but code is here. Seems a┬ásimple java program to connect DB and do regular activities.

This post is a remembrance for my colleagues and the great 8582 check.

For the rest go ahead and test Java-Access-Database connectivity code.
Download TermWork.


I’m no more working with Java, I understand logic and nothing else. So if atall you face any errors, go through it – you can solve it, post it here too.
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  1. Thanks Kedar AKA KD AKA Zeri.
    It was real fun working on those assignments, termwork and all. It was great team work. Especially, journals. Ppl used to work on page bases and not the whole assignment. It involved great judgement and art work, to accomodate the contents in same amount of page space as original author has done.

    When I close my eyes and thik of it, I can see our gang sittig in a room and writting those journals. I can hear voice “Alya, ketla patta patya tara….. Mane 4 number pattu aap……. Shu kare che jaldi kar….. Aaje Jeju ne submit karvanu che……. Pappu e shu assignment aapu tamne….”

    Those were golden days indeed.

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