A User review-Apple IPhone-4: I

Techie nerds, geeks or even company reviews are quite interesting and have their importance but a “User Review” is something which you won’t like to ignore; you should not. IPhone-4 was a buzz word since it’s release and I decided to provide a user review for IPhone-4.

So here you go:
iPhone4, Worlds Thinnest Smart Phone. One of the finest product. Best Smart Phone ever shipped. and a lot promising stuff about it, said by Apple.

As an “End User” I agree that its really cool product with loads of features. Monetory wise, I have paid nice 200$ on it and would be paying extra 600$ over the period of 2years for data plan, in order to make this Smart Phone work as “Smart Phone”.

Like with all the smart phones available today, if you want smart phone you need to be dumb and pay extra bucks to your carrier to access Internet. If you don’t want data plan, they won’t sell you with contract!! Quite annoying, as there are bunch of apps available which doesn’t need Internet. Can’t I just use them on my “Smart Phone”?

Enough, I have started review with good amount of criticism. But I have bought iPhone 4 and I am only criticizing it, its just not good. I bought it means I does like it. My criticism is for my expectations from IPhone-4.

Now, Let me list down some great features:
Multi touch: WOW!!!! For the first time users, yeah it was a major break through with first generation iPhone. Now, many of smart phones have them. But yeah still its most important thing.

iPod: Great!!!! Awesome sound quality.. I don’t doubt Apple but I still have a question; Isn’t that sound quality due to its Super Cool head phones? And ultimate Apple allowed users to create a play list right from iPod s/w. I dont know, weather I should be happy for this or surprised they allowed it this late.

Apps: Hundreds of thousands of Apps available, ranging from Games, Productivity, Social Networking, Business and so on. And good news is there are lot of free apps. If you dont consider going through iTunes or to-be specific Apple App Store, Its wonderful!! They will really make your phone smart.

Retina display: Again, WOW!!!! Its really nice. You can really see the difference if you compare 3GS and 4. I have done this. My friends have iPhone3 so I got to compare them.

Front Facing Camera: Kinda cool. It would be much cooler once we have apps accessing front facing camera and we can use chat tools to make video calls/chat.

I hope I would get some app soon (hopefully Skype, I would be free from sitting in front of my laptop and sit at one place.)

Let me clarify, I am not an Apple fanboy. I own one, so actually I should be writing much of it, but unfortunately as I get to use it

more I have started finding much of “TOBE MADE” improvements in it. I want more in my IPhone-4. I wish Mr.Jobs read this blog and add some features in next release.

I have bunch of things to say about which will ofcourse make IPhone-4 more than a perfact 10. I would have one separate post for it quite soon. Also, a comparison with my sweet SonyEricssion W550i music phone. My love for it has

increased after I started using iPhone. I guess Sony Erricson missed the bus, other wise they had real good features in walkman series phone.

Some of the iPhone still don’t have.. Surprised?? I will list them. Stay tuned…

To end the present user-review I will rate my IPhone-4, 7.5 / 10. A good product but lil’ improvement required.

– Utkarsh Shah

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