Buzz: Google buys Aardvark for Social Questioning

Google announced acquisition of Aardvark – The new kind of social search.

Through the “social search” term I thought it has to do something with what Google’s has said earlier in google’s official blog “social search getting more social” !

But that was actually in your google search, you get a saperate result from your social circle on the same page.

Aardvark is different and have a “New” concept!!

At you ask questions and system finds the person who can answer your question from your social group.

Aardvark actually analyzes questions to determine what they’re about, matches each question to people with relevant knowledge and interests to give you an answer quickly.

While sigining up you’re asked about your interests – area of knowledge

[ I think they must be matching questions against those tags – lazy programmer’s logic! 🙂 ]

After that you’re asked to add it to your Google Chat to get instant(IM) answers otherwise you’re intimated through mail as well.

To me looks pretty promising though, which is why Google invested! right? 🙂

Well I tried to ask a question: “Where is my pen that was there in my computer table with blue ink?” and in return I got ping back and mail with some pretty cool answers – as my question was nice.

It’s like twitter without @ in conversations, Orkut’s comments replaced with question and answers form and more closely to facebook where you comment just below the main post / question / status.

So it’s a new tool to play with – lets see where it leads though.


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