Dev D – Movie review

Hi all,
I don’t know why but just wanted to talk about the movie dev-d. I a lot of fun.TOI reports were 5-stars and we were damn eager to know the reason… I’ll give it 3.5-Star.. actually I loved et’ 🙂

The way of representation and direction was gr8. and script was different!!! Some scenes i wont forget..

Like those GRASS Closeup with “background voices”
In d’ Bus when he chews the Ticket of an old-lady.
A hording – “Mahilayen” without M …. 

and there were many such hilarious moments which needs keen eyes and understanding… 

And ya that dialogue:- “Billi maro, khaalo lekin palo nahi..” 

songs – I liked almost all the songs – 
Emotional Atyachar and Hikknaal are my favorites amongst them.

In short it was a good to watch movie – with friends.. and ya Its not a family movie!! I won’t prefer to watch it with parents!! and for girls..same age siblings with good understanding wont make much prob… by the way who disliked OMKARA though? ) hehe… 

how was your experiance?

Well check out the songs here, it’s a good collection:

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  1. ye…

    i like abhay’s “ABHAY” acting most…:love:

    and from the muzic department,
    i like the XRated version of Emotional Atyachar !!!

    what a lyrics they made man !

    but i wud like to tell you that be careful before palying it in public … :clap: :love: :love: :love: :love:

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