Extreme Movie Review-Raavan 2010-Bonus Poster

I always admire Maniratnam … Never doubt his movies…
A R Raheman is a Gem – whole world admits… I simply love his music.
No one can doubt Gulzar’s capabilities and his poetry, I’m a fan…
But seems like this time the “Grahas” of these 3 great Indian personalities was not good this time…
About Raavan (2010) movie stars and casts,
Aishwariya… No question about her at all…
Abhishek… ammm… ok lets review the Raavan movie now.

Very first thing I will admit that I have not seen the movie. I don’t dare to. I heard a lot of critics giving poor rankings to this movie. I’m not a movie freak to waste my money on a movie with such a poor ratings.
In addition to this I do consider a few friends’ reviews as well. Mr. Pratik Kothari (RIL) turned a major demotivator for me to watch this movie.

I decided not to review this movie by personally experiancing horrifying RAAVAN but just by other’s reviews.
I believe it’s also good to learn from other’s mistakes, You don’t need to commit it.

A picture is worth a thousand words. So I acquired original poster of Raavan movie… And of it’s worth [ 3 hours + 100 to 200 bucks + (-mental harassment -disappointments -guilts) ]


I hope I made a right decision by not watching movie Raavan. If not please let me know why.

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  1. I would just copy paste ur first two lines….”I always admire Maniratnam … Never doubt his movies…”…If this is so….then watch Raavan..irrespective of wat u heard…as for me…those “two” lines hold good…i watched it and liked it…..wish to write a descriptive review…shall do that hopefully…:)

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