How to save money in AWS RDS – Upgrade to MySQL 8


MySQL 8 is around us for 5 years now. I believe you’re surely considering an upgrade. But if you’re on AWS and still on an older version of MySQL, this message is for you. Upgrade to MySQL 8 sooner as AWS extended support is coming with extra cost.

TL;DR If you want to save money

upgrade to MySQL 8

Watch short video on AWS RDS – MySQL Extended Support Cost implications .

Beginning on February 29, 2024, Amazon RDS users operating on MySQL 5.7 will be automatically enrolled in Amazon RDS Extended Support.
You will incur higher charges once RDS Extended Support commences from 1st March 2024. In fact, the costs are almost double to triple ($$$), until users upgrade to MySQL 8.

Even though this is very well notified by AWS team and also visible on AWS console, I am writing this to encourage you to take action.

Points about RDS Extended Support

  • This allows more control over upgrading database versions, avoiding unplanned downtime and compatibility issues.
  • Automatic enrollment will result in higher charges, nearly tripling until upgrading to MySQL 8 or PostgreSQL 12 is completed.
  • RDS Extended Support provides critical CVE patches and bug fixes beyond community end-of-life dates, ensuring continued support and security.
  • Customers can upgrade their databases to newer versions to avoid RDS Extended Support charges.


Do you need Help Upgrading to MySQL 8?


Upgrade to MySQL 8 is Inevitable. The cost of staying on older version is not only about Performance and Security. It includes real $$$. If you or anyone you know are on AWS RDS and need help upgrading MySQL, Reach out. Share the video with people who might benefit. If you need help upgrading even MySQL on EC2 or On-Premise consider reaching out.

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