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Introducing JaxtrSMS, The world’s first free and open texting app is a revolutionary product from co-founders Sabeer Bhatia & Yogesh Patel.

Sending free text messages or free SMS is now expanded Globally thanks to JaxtrSMS.
JaxtrSMS enables you to cross the horizons of communication. JaxtrSMS gives power to you to reach anyone anywhere around the Globe. JaxtrSMS seemingly attempting to become a  your global sms carrier.
Let it be I Phone, Android, Blackberry, Win Mobiles, J2ME or Symbian phone. Just install JaxtrSMS and you’re ready to communicate world-wide with free JaxtrSMS.

JaxtrSMS works on WIFI & 3G flawlessly. JaxtrSMS Sends totally free SMS / messages to all in your address book regardless of whether they have the app or not.

1. Download & Install JaxtrSMS.

download JaxtrSMS for android Download JaxtrSMS for iPhone Download JaxtrSMS for Blackberry Download JaxtrSMS for Java-based Phones

2. Registering your mobile number.
Registering for free text sms is quite simple. Normally  you get automatically verified. In case you find difficulties, JaxtrSMS also enables you for verification through call. So if your verification for JaxtrSMS fails or you cannot verify on JaxtrSMS, you can also get verified by call.
I found out three ways people could register to JaxtrSMS:
– JaxtrSMS Auto Verification.
– JaxtrSMS verification through Vefication Link.
– JaxtrSMS verification through Call.

How to get Verified on JaxtrSMS, if you are unable to register?
Check out this Video:

In case of difficulty or problem in registering JaxtrSMS, you have the support email available on website. Contact JaxtrSMS support: support@jaxtrsms.com

3. Send Free SMS Worldwide.
That’s it! Installing & Registering for JaxtrSMS adds power to your mobile! You’re now all set to reachout accross the globe with free sms and message.

What’s coming?
Well, JaxtrSMS have more to offer and it seems to be selling out globle numbers soon!

Well another reason for believing in jaxtrSMS is in the “about” section. Yep! That’s the name: Sabeer Bhatia as CEO & Yogesh Patel as President, co-founders of JaxtrSMS.

For updates follow JaxtrSMS on facebook and twitter:

I personally tested this and Loved it! Try JaxtrSMS – Send free SMS Worldwide!
– JaxtrSMS is now free only for India and US.
– For other countries you can purchase their sms packs from https://pay.jaxtrsms.com. You can check their rates (claimed to be cheapest) from https://pay.jaxtrsms.com/pps/jaxrate.jsp.
– JaxtrSMS is no more free but of-course they have really competitive and cheaper sms rates. Try them.

    1. Well I’ll say you missed it then 🙂
      I did enjoy the free world wide sms! Now the service is definitly not free worldwide but it’s free for US and India.
      So you can send free SMS only to US and India using JaxtrSMS!!

  1. Hi Kedar

    Could you help me out.My phone is Nokia 6630.I downloaded and installed Jaxtrsms.But during regstn time , a message pops up showing “Certificate Exception”.Any idea what this problem could be?



    1. Hi Sujith,

      Better to reach out jaxtrsms support or follow on twitter and ask there.

      Btw it seems a certificate issue; i’m not sure but you may try installing certificate from jaxtrsms.com browsing form your phone! Support ‘d help you better 🙂

      Hope this helps,

    1. Hey 1199calvin,
      I reached out support and this is what I got:

      “At present you can send unlimited messages to any other JaxtrSMS user using the JaxtrSMS application. To a non JaxtrSMS user, you can send a maximum of 100 SMS per day.”

      You can get more information from support@jaxtrsms.com


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