life at rest – my first poem

Life At Rest

You’d never forget the those beautiful moments when you feel loved and feel blessed with the presence of the one of your life.

Life At Rest

Looking at above capture of my dear ones, I jotted down a few lines and that’s my first attempt.

I call it (my) Life At Rest.

insomniac for your sleep,

you’re awesome when its deep,

pale skin, nighty hair,

mighty life and you’re so near…

warm breath, and your charm,

makes me wait, till you wake,

while you sleep, lemme gaze,

beauty like you and I awaits….

sun won’t rise, birdz won’t sing,

oh dear, u oughtta rest,

my life, I’m with u, won’t leave,

I know you will rise and I won’t laze..

its your time, waiting next door,

I have the keyz,letz go n open,

my life.. I am waiting..

life you’re resting, waiting..

I see u radiance, felicitous

you glow , weaknesses fading,

feeling u, i was waiting for u..

arise, arise and krex is with you… forever.

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