My Digital confusion for Camera

In the huge task of selecting a digital camera, one more day has passed.
I’m still not decided.

Yes, I have now felt an extreme need of purchasing a digital camera and I’m trying hard to wrap-up this chapter by end of this week.

I started getting idea from Ashish as he knows much more in cameras and he’s good at capturing as well.
After finishing his analysis and study he suggested me Sony DSC-W380 in my suggested price band of Rs. 15000.

Mean while I went on Sony store where I found and compared it with DSC-W370 and again get back to Mr. Ashish. W370 is having higher optical zoom (7X) as compared to 5x of W380 but still it was cheaper!! I learned that the processor is a main distinction between them W380 has BIONZ while W370 is having Sony-Processor.

Well the afternoon I happen to talk to Vic. Who owns Canon 400D and want to sell it and buy 5D.
According to him, all these Sony S8000, CoolPix or DSC series are “Ladies” cameras πŸ™‚ He suggested me to raise the price band or buy a “pink” camera. Proper SLRs I will not get below 30K and I’m not much interested in jumping to that range.
Any ways Vic, I’m not gonna get Pink for sure, it’ll be Black, My favorite πŸ™‚

Readers, do check Vic’s flicker here:


My need is simple, maximum value for minimum money [Is it possible for free?] πŸ˜‰
A camera having good zoom (at least 10x), Higher Pixels (at least 10) with some good lens and processor is my target.

In the evening Rakesh aka Raka aka Sabu told me to go for higher configuration and said some lens name “Carl Zuuuuuuiss” or something. I found the exact spelling later, he meant “Carl Zeiss”.

Then came the Hardik aka the Hard One (title given by Mr. Paul). He recollected my needs and started searching. Well since past two days I’ve visited almost all camera vendor’s sites and camera details; but seems like when Hardik again came to rescue, I started hunting for my DG-cam again.

Hardik come up with suggesting Sony’s DSC-H20 and Nikon’s Coolpix P100. Earlier we had discussed about Nikon S8000, but I was not much confident to go for it. I compared them with Sony DSC-H55/B and W370.
Now Nikon’s Coolpix P100 has got 26X Optical zoom but the price difference is almost 10,000.
Later I found Nikon’s COOLPIX L110 with 15X Optical Zoom with 12.1 MP @ ~15000. Β Seems like I might have to settled for somewhere in 20K budget.
I didn’t stop here, I Googled for lens details and went on comparing Carl Zeiss VS Nikkor Lenses and their performance. At places I heard Carl Zeiss over Nikkor and anyways I have heard more about Zeiss πŸ™‚ I’m not much in to that.

My friends, who have ever been to shopping with me, know such “indecisive” attribute about choosing things, but I need help.

Anyways I’m still not done with deciding which one to buy and I hope I pick a good one.

  1. So Ends My confusion… don’t have much time to write about how i did that but have a look at it… will write when I will be back from tour πŸ™‚
    Sony DSC HX1

    1. read the confusion story…but the best thing is that its finally solved…and yeah finally we will get to see some great pics of ur current trip and uncountable other memories that will keep coming always……and obviously the all time fav of everyone..”Janhit ma Jari”…..:)

  2. I try to delay the decisions till very last moment to avoid any possible guilt πŸ™‚

    Today is the last day…

    Through out this week I visited almost every stall in Thane, two from Mulund and one in Lower Parel [yes, I went there too] to understand what I can be happy with.

    Earlier I’ve decided to buy Sony DSC H20 but with my luck I learned that Sony has stopped producing it. Same happened when I went on to buy H50 on this Saturday. I hate it when I decide something after a lot of thinking and they deny it mercilessly πŸ™‚

    FYI, there is no good model from Sony that I like between the range of 15K to 25K. The one which sales person suggested me was H55 but I didn’t like the style πŸ™ Inshort, I gotta be ready to s.p.e.n.d. and spend even more.

    I still hate Sony for their act of closing down H20.

    Well anyways – today is the dooms day for my digital confusion and I’m almost clear for my final choices :). Yes, still 2 options.

    It should be one of Sony’s DSC HX1 [] or Nikkon P100 []. Honestly I’m leaned towards HX1 due to “SONY”; which has got 20X with >9MP with Sony G lens and BIONs Processor. The COOLPIX P100 comes with 26x optical zoom for 10MP, Nikkor lens. Prices are in the range of 25K. Yes, this will hurt me financially.

    People, who suggested me, I’m very much thankful to them for helping me [in NFS terms] “evading” this digital “pursuit”…

    I owe you a good picture πŸ˜‰

  3. Okay. Waiting for the results. And some good snaps, out of your new digi cam, in “Issued in Public Interest” album of your Orkut account.

    Good Luck!!!

  4. KD,

    You havent mentioned, what kidn of features your are looking for. I mean are you just looking for higher optical zoom only? Or you want to have some more features. Also how often you would be clicking pics. If you decide on that, then I guess it would be easy for you to decide and also for other folks who are helping you out. If you just need point and shoot functions then its okay. But if you are more concerned with photo quality, different pohto features and all that PRO stuffs then I suggest you to increase your budget. As you are gonna spend 15000 buks, I would say spend some extra money, but buy a good cam. It will be good for long.

    I know.. I know…Lot of Ifs and Buts in my comment…. And this may have added up in your confusion. But I know you. You have decided what you wanna do. But still you will act confused and make others confuse. Thats ZERI.

    1. Hey Bapu,
      You read this? πŸ˜›

      Okay, Thanks for added confusions but I still don’t much understand this PRO techie Stuff you wrote.
      Yes, I’d be using my cam’ as much as possible. And I’d like to see a nice picture quality, at-least if I take out a hard copy it should look worth :).

      Cam’ should be capable to capture clear scenes from a “safe distance” as well. You know what I mean. Optical zoom is for that, I understood πŸ˜‰

      I’ve got one more thumbs up for Sony H20/B by a colleague as he owns it; while other said to cross at-least 25K bar.

      Hmmm… It’s all about money, when you have much of it you don’t have to think for it; when you don’t, you have to think for everything else.

      Thanks for comments, “results” will be declared soon.

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