My Google Exploitation – Web History Graphs 2009

Well no doubt I’m a google freak. I’ve learnt a lot through it and I have searched a lot.
But I wasn’t much aware about my intencity of googling stuffs.
I hope you know there is something called Web History.

In case you’re unaware:

Google Web History includes:
– View and search details across webpages you’ve visited in the past
– trends on your web activity, such as your most visited sites and top searches
– Search strings and your visited sites
– Google Web History do allow you to notice unusual web activities (incase intruder is not smart enough) you may change your password.

Well now let me show you my Google Search activities / statistics in year 2009.

Daily search activity:


Monthly search activity:


Hourly search activity:


Ofcourse you should be logged in while googling and you should have your google history enabled to get this graphs.

Am I exploiting google too much?

I didn’t know many things I searched for, but I know them now 🙂
My love for Google shall sustain forever…
Hoping to break these limits in 2010 !!

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