My Sony DSC HX1 Performance, Learning and Photos – I

After a lot of ifs, buts, confusions and questions I’ve bought Sony’s DSC HX1 . Well I’m not that good at photography but yes I like that.

Here I will post my some of the photography with new DSC HX1. I’d request your comments and suggestion to improve it.
Mind well, the pictures captured and uploaded here are compressed to almost ~30% to fit the size restrictions.
I hope you’ll like it. Don’t Miss the last picture of the page.

Close Ups:

Earliest morning capture in low light:


Zoomed at Max to reach here:

Concentrated on subjects – Still learning on this:


No matter how many fish in the sea, it feel so empty without me 🙂  [At some lake on the way to Jammu]:

Bat-man begins – I’ve never seen it so clear (except on discovery)

The horizontal and vertical panorama captures of The Taj Mahal and The Kutub Minar – Possibly very first time captures 😉

Taj Mahal - panorama view

Kutub Minar - panorama view

Attempt to get the Moon:

The Moon by DSC HX1

Now the best of my live captures [as of now]:

The law applies: Survival of the fittest.

I saw it live, a fish came out, got its food and went back in water. Life is all about struggle and here you can see the risk of life that brave fish has taken… I really love that… This is the extent one should go to get what you want. I should have captured video but… alas… Enjoy the capture mean while…

Life for food-food for life

Your comments are welcome.

  1. Hi Motmans Rinus,
    Movie quality is good and it’s quite easy to operate. This is my first camera and I’m quite comfortable with it without prior photography experience.
    In it’s range it is really a good pic, 20X & 10MP with good features and HD video.

    You may want to know how I ended-up buying Sony DSC HX1.

  2. Nice pics!!!
    I want to buy a new camera, at the moment the sony is my favourite. How is the movie quality? And is he easy to use?

  3. Thanks JB 🙂
    @Harsh, sorry I didn’t recognz you but I’ve started merely 5 days back! There is lot more to learn!

  4. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    good ones man!
    good starting

    after all you are now using SONY man!

    remembered something man?


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