One MySQL blog a day challenge

In this blog post, I want to share my experience and learning after challenging myself on my MySQL blog writing spree in recent past. I invite you to comment on my journey, experience and provide any feedback you may have, technical or otherwise.

About my MySQL blogging journey

Last week, I decided to challenge myself to write and publish one blog every day, for the whole week. It was an exhilarating experience, and I learned valuable lessons along the way. However, amidst the joy of completing the challenge, I also thought about the challenges that can stop others from starting this fulfilling journey of blogging.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I failed to produce all the days for the week. Arguably, I could say “a blog every work-day for a week” but let’s not go that route. Good thing is I could contribute to the community, my blog and got feedback.

Here’s what I have to share after my work-week-long blogging journey.

The hurdles producing the blogs everyday

1. Time and Efforts

Crafting high-quality content demands time and effort. Balancing blogging with other responsibilities at work (and home) can be overwhelming. I experienced a lot of pressure as it was difficult to find time to write the blog during the busy day. As a proud Perconian, I managed to adjust my flexible work-time to produce these blogs, supported by the fantastic Percona team I work with.

2. Inspiration

Inspiration is the fuel that drives creativity and passion but know that your own curiosity and willingness to share is the ignition. My inspiration comes from my knowledgable colleagues who literally does the magic in their day to day work and when they share, it encourages me to write. That said, I was instantly inspired to take up this specific challenge after witnessing a blogging spree by my friend, Arunjith. { Thank you 🙂 }

3. Choosing the Right Topic

Selecting a compelling and relevant topic can be daunting, especially when certain topics have been extensively covered by the community. However, a unique perspective or creative application of the topic can still make for a valuable blog post. A different perspective, idea or mere application of the topic should also be good topic to write.

For me, there was no right or wrong topic as long as it belongs to MySQL specific article. I mostly depended on day to day work log and issues I faced in recent times and blogged about them everyday.

4. Content Quality:

An important concern while writing is about how it will be received. Identifying and writing valuable content that resonates with the community and adds value can be challenging. I strived to produce useful content during my challenge, even if not always the most popular.

5. Language and Writing Skills

Non-native English speakers may hesitate due to language barriers and writing skills. I believe in today’s world with an adoption of bots and AI, it is not really a real concern. I’d surely encourage you to explore the AI tools, if this is what is stopping you from blogging.

Personally, I am blogging since more than a decade and I feel comfortable even though English being a foreign language.

6. Lack of Reviews and Feedback

The fear of publishing unreviewed content and receiving negative feedback can be discouraging for beginners. A simple fix is to seek help from friends or colleagues who have a better understanding of the topic to review your article before posting. However, above all, thorough research is the most significant confidence booster. Ensure that you know what you’re saying.

7. Fear of Getting It Wrong

The fear of making mistakes or inaccuracies can create self-doubt. Fear not, study your content, seek external help, and self-review. I remember one of my quote, “To err is human, to restore is DBA.”. As a human embrace your failures and as a DBA / consultant strive for improvement. Blogging involves growing and engaging with the community – and when you get it wrong, the community will help you correct it.

My Takeaways from the Week of Blogging

1. Don’t Force Blog

It doesn’t help to force-blogging and taking challenges without prior preparation. Start small, begin with a manageable blogging schedule, prepare contents well before release. Quality matters over quantity.

2. Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open

Inspiration for blogs can be found in everyday observations and challenges. Keep notes of the topics, challenges, and fun things you observe that are blog-worthy and could be of interest to the community. Keep reading the community blogs as well, to understand the new content and subjects of interest.

3. Seek Community Support

Share your content with the community and get feedback. Observe what kind of content are getting most responses or criticism and get hints from there about your next blog.

Some of the active community that you may refer for latest MySQL related blog contents (Don’t hesitate to comment if you find more):

Links to my 5 blogs


My week-long blogging challenge taught me that blogging is a beautiful blend of creativity, learning, and community engagement, with MySQL as a central focus. While obstacles exist, they can be overcome with dedication, support, and a growth mindset.

I encourage anyone considering blogging to take that leap of faith, break free from self-doubt, and share their unique voice with the MySQL community. If you need any assistance, feedback, or want to blog together, feel free to reach out. Together, we can create a vibrant and enriching blogging community. Let’s keep the MySQL community thriving and inspire more bloggers to join in the fun! 

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