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Are we waiting for another “Avatar”??

As per Hindu mythology, lord Vishnu took 10 different avatars to save our world. As per mythology, lord Vishnu will take avatar when Rakshasas get out of control. Rakshasas will come from PatalLok. Rakshasas will kill innocents to gain power and money. Their guru Shukracharya will promise them that if they follow his orders they will get heaven. After all the sufferings,  people will start praying to Lord Vishu to save them from Rakshasas and this is when lord Vishnu listens to their followers (bhakts) and take avatar on earth (ManushyaLok). The avatar of lord will have difficult battle with powerful Rakshasas but at the end truth only wins. That’s why in Sanskrit we have “Satyam-ev Jayate” , which is also written under the statue with four lions. (Ashoka-stambh)

So how this does relates to today’s world? Today we are dealing with a different kind of Rakshasas. Now we call them terrorists. Yes, they did not come from “PatalLok” this time, but they have similar characteristics. Both kill people very easily. Both are aiming for heaven. Both are guided by gurus (guru Shukracharya previously, some moulana now).

Now the question remains, are we again going to pray to the lord to save us from these modern Rakshasas armed with Ak47 and hand grenades? Are we waiting for the miracle to happen? Are we ready for the battle of the Satya and Asatya?

There is a bomb blast somewhere in the world every day. Innocent people are dying. More than 20,000 people have died till date in Kashmir. Last year 26th November 2008, over 200 people died in terrorist attack in our own Mumbai. The terrorism has risen to an insufferable level. We saw thousands of people came protesting on road to punish the one who have attacked/ planned the attack on Mumbai on 26/11/2008. Many of them are asking for a war against terrorism. Now, are we ready for a war? Many are saying that war is a foolish thing to do. There are two points that they put here, firstly our country cannot afford a war.  Secondly war will not stop terrorism.

They may be true, but they are not ready to understand one thing here; the war is always on from terrorists’ side. When I say, I support war on terrorism; I do not support invade on another country. I support war so that terrorists do not invade my life. I support war for truth.

When I say war for truth, let me go back to Hindu mythologies again. Hindu mythology has two mahagranths: Ramayana and Mahabharata. Both the mahagranths depict war for truth. In Ramayana, lord Ram (Avatar of Lord Vishnu) fights with Rakshasa king Ravan. Ravan takes away Mata Sita by tricking her and kidnaps her in his Pushpak Viman. Lord Ram is now forced to attack on Ravan’s Lanka to save Mata Sita. With the help of Lord Hanuman and Vanar Sena(Army of Monkey) lord Ram attacks on Lanka and kills Ravan and saves Mata Sita. In Mahabharata, Kauravas forcefully captured kingdoms of Pandavas, hence Pandavas with the help of lord Krishna (Avatar of lord Vishnu) wins over Kauravas.

What is so common in between both the Mahagranths? First, both have avatars of lord Vishnu and second, war is forced upon lord Ram and Pandavas. Now let’s apply peace formula here. Lord Ram meets Ravan in bilateral meeting of peace. Or say Pandavas and Kauravas sits together and decides on peace process. Will Ravan or Kauravas want peace? I guess no, that’s what even lord Ram has thought and he attacked Lanka. When Arjun gave up on the war field with the fear of lose, lord Krishna guided him to war. Why isn’t the same situation applied here?

The terrorist are never going to stop. In my opinion, the peace process is of no use with terrorism, instead we make ourselves look like frightened cowards.  We afraid of cost of war but we like paying in EMIs. We are ready to pay with our lives and properties every day but cannot afford a war. The fear of lose drives us towards the peace process. But aren’t we losing with every bullet, every bomb blast?

To conclude this, it’s time for us to stand up for ourselves and fight. We cannot wait for these modern Rakshasas to invade our life.

-d’ Chix.

  1. Well this is a very old post (October 2009) published now…
    Not to take advantage of Avatar key word 😉 but I just find time to publish it now…

    okay, a lot has been said and will be… here is my short reply 😉

    Right said; Figures are quite low and also the intensity.
    War is the only option here as for everything else we’re paying more than what it will cost for a war.
    To finalize it won’t take more than a year with allied forces.
    To recover globally it will be merely a time period of 5 years, may be a portion of generation will suffer.
    But results will be peace and much better world.

    No body knew what destruction an Atom-Bomb can cause until US used them and than what happened everyone knows.
    Terrorists know that no country can afford war, not even America (US’s war against …a partial reason for global economy crisis).
    Countries can afford many other things but no “once-it-for-all” war.

    There is something called Self respect, even countries should have that! I doubt we have.
    We got our temples or even parliment attacked. Every week I hear a news of 2/3 terrorist “touring” in Kashmir, killing 5,6 innocents and 1,2 soldiers; who have no other job but defend!! What’s the result? They still can do that.

    The person against whom we have live-captures for the biggest terrorist attack is commenting on Indian Jurisdiction “I have no faith in Indian court” (http://bit.ly/47Gg87).
    You’re dreaming about war, can India even legally harm this crap?

    There are many “Sena”s and other active groups, who actively defend movie names, city names or even clashes for using not local language but English. Do a single group dare to kidnap that monster, just kill him and broadcast that to al-f***ing-quida for a change?

    Majority will say “Than what is the difference between you and them?”.
    – Those who understand the scenario will understand the difference.
    – Those who fears will protest your act.
    – Those who don’t understand all ask them: You have your beloved killed, you have the proofs, you have the convict and still those people bravely stand questioning the justice… what will you do?
    If they still stick to their openion, they’re pretty dumb crap to live in today’s world – ignore them, after living average human life they will die.

    History knows India have lost many braves like Subhsh Chandra Bose and Bhagat Singh, just because majority was following something called as Ahinsa. Even today we’re losing many jawans without any cause.

    I don’t deny the power / magnetism Mr. Gandhi and his concepts were having; that is why majority were attracted towards his depicted way of Freedom. Things’d have been quite different, if that majority’d have been with Bose / Bhagat Singh.
    Well we can’t change that, actually we can’t change anything.
    What we can do is just present our thoughts. If things will have to change, they will change on the sole power of our words; may be they attract the majority 🙂 By attraction I don’t mean liking or disliking, I meant believing.
    Majority doesn’t believe in war, actually they are afraid of because they see a “Ray of Hope” – solving issues by talking.

    I know there will not be any war unless someone who is really determined for war is not there in powers.

    There will be a war only when terrorist will get the Atom-bombs. One or two countries will be destroyed and may be than there will be some :).

    People feared about usage of Atom-Bombs when first they have used it, they will fear terrorists when they will use it!
    (You have to understand “they” here!).

    Not a line to do LOL but it is so, usage of Atom-Bomb is key. 😉 Well, that so called war will cost us 1 Atom-bomb targeted at “Right Place”. But India has a great “no first use” policy for Atom Bomb – as if they’d be able to use it secondly ?!! non-sense!

    Mean while nothing will ever change though the “change is inevitable” – but these are my thoughts.


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