Whats New-Google Buzz in Gmail Inbox, Mobile

This morn one more way of e-socializing introduced by google – Google Buzz.
It’s a one of the trending topic on twitter…

How to get Google buzz:

Well it’s being rolled out in phased manner directly to your Gmail, so if not now, your Gmail inbox should have this feature very soon.

To get Google Buzz:

  • Login into gmail.com.
  • Click on Buzz icon on left sidebar.  (Have you noticed it?)
  • Just like following & followers concept on Twitter and Facebook fanpages, Google Buzz will automatically display your following and followers Gmail users (They have considered people you email and chat the most).
  • So start buzzing then with Google Buzz. You can share photos in full resolution, watch inline videos without going to separate webpage.
  • You can also connect with activity on other website including: Flickr, Google Reader and Twitter. Whatever you do there will automatically buzzed up!!
  • Unlike email, Google Buzz is real time – any response made is delivered instantly to fire up the conversation and create buzz. Also, you can selectively follow few people and only see their updates. Bump into your Gmail account and test drive Google Buzz.
  • It is also available for mobile phone as well.
Seems like wave is not waving enough hence Google Buzzed!!!
Is it gonna kill tweeter and orkut!??
PS: I’m yet to receive Buzz in my Gmail!!
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